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Vita and Christina at Rodeo’s New Space in Istanbul

The artistic directors of VIENNAFAIR Vita Zaman and Christina Steinbrecher took some photos from last night in Istanbul and also did a short interview with Sylvia Kouvali at Rodeo Art Gallery, which you can watch at the very bottom of the page. Have a look!


Artists taking a beer break while installing a new exhibition at Rodeo

Sylvia’s shadow


VIENNAFAIR Istanbul Collector Drink at Vogue Bar
with Nazli Gürlek, the curator of the Turkish project “DIYALOG” at VIENNAFAIR.

with Lithuanian ambassador in Turkey Kestutis Kudzmanas

with a great Turkish collector Ari Mesulam and his friend

Jasmine Taranto – VIP Relations Turkey

And now the short interview with Sylvia Kouvali and Vita:

This video doesn’t exist

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