The Ones Who Deal

Stereotyping an Art Fair

Cornelis Van Almsick: “This painting is very special to me as it was the first large piece of art I bought. Even if I don’t know Adrian for a long time, a deep friendship connects us. I respect his art and love the enigmatic intellectual humor he transmits in his work.” With Daniel Haider, owners of Vacant Galleries

(Adrian Buschmann, Ulikowski, Daniel Richter, ‘Viel lesen, nichts verstehen’, 2009)

to deal: to do business, to exchange goods | also to sell, trade, distribute, administer, manage, care, handle

“Make me like it!” – Vacant Galleries | Etablissement Gschwandner, Geblergasse 38-40, 1170 Vienna,  September 22–23, 2012. Today 6:00 pm official opening and from 9 pm on afterparty “not invited x make me like it” at DOTS twentyone

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