Review: The Top 10 VIENNAFAIR Lies

The Top 10 VIENNAFAIR Lies:

1) I like modern art.
2) I am not in love with the fair assistant.
3) I am not pregnant.
4) I love every human being.
5) I stick to all my appointments.
6) I did not have two abortions.
7) I have no conscience.
8) The key is on its way to Chicago.
9) I am not good or G-D.
10) A lie is a lie.

A  performance by US artist Andrew Mezvinsky´s at VIENNAFAIR

A performer was dressed in a Commedia dell’Arte mask and asked people for stories about their own life – without knowing if anything said will be provable. On the last day of the fair, these lies were interpreted in dance performed by eight dancers. Each lie received its own dancer.

Kurt Gödel said, “This statement is unprovable” and changed the world of formal logic.

It makes the basis for anything said to be untrue. So please share your web of lies because the world is full of the unprovable.

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