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“Everyone Is Angry.” An Interview with Ukrainian Enfant Terrible Irena Karpa

Irena Karpa performed at the VIENNAFAIR party with her band QARPA and held a lecture for students at the fair. I talked with her about a new revolution in the Ukraine, her political performances, her MTV career, and her Playboy cover…

Led by the iconic and multitalented Ukrainan singer, blogger, and writer Irena Karpa, the band QARPA has developed a large and passionate following throughout the Ukraine.

Group frontwoman Irena Karpa is a prominent and award-winning author (6 best-selling novels), a host and guest on top TV programs on all major Ukrainian TV channels, and a uniquely stylish trendsetter and regular newsmaker extensively covered by the national media. She is also the most frequently quoted author in the Ukrainian Internet blogosphere.

QARPA have made a range of creative videos, released six albums, and won several awards. Band members are constantly in high demand by top regional bands for their songwriting, musicianship, sound and production talents. With the successful October 2011 release of their first English language album “& I made a man”, QARPA is poised to expand its popularity to Europe and North America.

QARPA Band Members

Irena Karpa – Vocals, Songwriting
Oleh Artym – Guitars, Songwriting, Programming, Sound Engineering, Production
Artur Danielyan – Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Songwriting, Programming, Sound Engineering, Production
Evgenia Smolyaninova – Cello
Olga Chapkina – Drums, Percussion
Original B – DJ

QARPA Discography:
& I made a man (2011)
InZhyr (2007)
Lo-Fi Traumas (2005)
Kurva Cum Back (2004)
Cosmic Vacuum (2002)
Diseases of Song-Birds (2001)


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