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The Workers’ Club – Open Studio In A Moscow Office Space

How nice it can be to watch other people work during the weekend! This is meant neither ironically nor offendingly!

The company “Dream Industries” moved out of their office building and invited artists to move in for a two-day social media art project, as long as the most important equipment such as computers, the coffee machine, and other essential tools had not been packed away.

For two days, a group of about ten young Moscovite artists shared the space, working on their current projects, and those who heard about the happening could come there to meet the artists, ask them about their works, have a cup of tea, converse in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – and that in an office space that no ordinary mortal could ever afford to rent.

Actually, it was very generous of the artists to work ‘publicly’ and to allow curious visitors like me to disturb them.

Another fresh and bright initiative by Moscow artists, in this case curated by Sasha Burenkov (see photo) who is currently studying at the Insitute Of Contemporary Art Moscow (Backstein Institute).

… and a great possibility for me to give you some interesting names of stunning Russian artists.

Learn more about the project: The Workers’ Club

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