“Vienna Is Weird, But I Like It” – Salvatore Viviano

“In Love With Vienna” – the new rubric on The New Contemporary! Artists, gallerists, curators, and many other personalities from the Austrian art scene will let us know what they love about Vienna. For the first post I met the Italian artist Salvatore Viviano in the legendary Café Korb.

What are you doing in Vienna?

Viviano: I am an artist and it’s my profession to be an artist in Vienna. But I also do other things here… like going to the supermarket, going to coffee houses.

Why Vienna?

Viviano: I lived in Paris before. And at some point I was bored there a bit… By chance, I met a group of crazy Austrian artists and just followed them. They brought me to Vienna.

What is the best thing about Vienna?

Viviano: Maybe the artists I followed. They are called Gelitin, you know them for sure. Aaaaand, I found my big love in Vienna, and… I don’t know… Vienna is weird, but I guess I like weird stuff…

Where is the best place to waste time in Vienna?

Viviano: … My bed, oh wait … there are a lot of parks here, you can do it there. In my opinion, wasting time is really important, I think you can do it everywhere in Vienna. You can waste your time in Vienna very well.

What is the best souvenir from Vienna?

Viviano: To have souvenirs from the city, you have to spend really a lot of time there…

But what would you bring from Vienna?

Viviano: Aaaah, that’s what you mean… My parents are always asking for Sachertorte, but this is boring, I know, but what can I do?! So I bring it to them, but I never buy it in Hotel Sacher. So at least here I am a bit different.

Best places where you can find contemporary art in Vienna?

Viviano: I think if you are an artist, Vienna is a great city to live in. There are a lot of good institutions and there are some really good off-spaces where you can find contemporary art. I often go to Ve.sch, I did a performance there. There is another one called COCO, I like it too. Also you can find art in coffee houses… you will discover some contemporary, some very strange contemporary art there… I mean sometimes the people in Vienna seem like pieces of art – more than in any other city in the world.

Name the best upcoming events in Vienna?

Viviano: There will be a big show of my friends Gelitin in the 21er-Haus in summer (5th of June to 29th of September), and… my next show… you’ll hear when…

Vienna and Danube River

Vienna and Danube River

What is the best place to find ideas and inspiration?

Viviano: Riding my bike is my best inspiration. Vienna is very versatile: In one district everything is very bourgeois, and then you go to Danube and it’s absolutely crazy there. For me, it’s like in Melbourne or Sydney, this giant Danube River gives me that impression. And then, you go to a hustler bar or some other fucked up place…

What is your favorite building in Vienna?

Viviano: The Secession. I cannot tell you why!!! It’s such a cliché, I know…  Super old and very modern stuff side-by-side, and I really like this, I feel comfortable there.

Strangest, funniest thing in Vienna?

Viennese tramway

Viviano: ME !

Your personal instruction for Vienna.

Viviano: Go to the Naschmarkt on Saturday, very early in the morning. There is an incredible flea market! It is the craziest flea market I’ve ever seen cause it’s so genuine. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some spot you get offered babies there – they are selling everything!

What is the noise of Vienna?

Viviano: There is no noise, Vienna is very quiet, but maybe there is only one I can name now – the bell from the tramway, didididididi, just before you are killed by it, you know that it is coming, you hear the bell.

Typical Viennese food?

Viviano: Fried food, they fry everything here, sometimes I am scared that they will kidnap me and then fry me…

I love Vienna for …

Viviano: …welcoming me in a very nice way.

Salvatore Viviano was born in Palermo, Italy. At the age of 18 he decided to leave his home country. His love for soft cheese brought him to Paris, where he remained for a long time. In 2009, he moved to Vienna, where he made new friends. He makes fun out of fun. He prefers to play with pop ignorance rather than pop culture: “It’s more fascinating.”


4 thoughts on ““Vienna Is Weird, But I Like It” – Salvatore Viviano

  1. I’m really excited about this new rubric about the Vienna Art szene as I’m really interested in this topic.
    The Interview with Salvatore Viviano is quite nice and I’m really looking forward to read more articles on this site.
    By the way, at the moment there is a game on the website of the “Wien Holding” where today’s price is the book “New Vienna Now – Contemporary Vienna” – an interesting book about the art szene in Vienna – maybe some of you might be interested: http://www.wienholding.at/Ostern-in-Wien-Gewinnspiel


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