Tulga Beyerle – Director Of The Vienna Design Week

“Vienna has definitely more to offer than Jugendstil and Wiener Werkstätte,” knows Tulga Beyerle. She is one of THE design experts in Vienna and published a lot of specialist literature on this topic. As the director of the Vienna Design Week she provides a platform for design at different places all over the city – “international but localized”. We met Tulga Beyerle at the current exhibition “WerkStadt Vienna – Design Engaging The City” in the MAK (Museum For Applied Arts) in Vienna (until March 17) … Watch the interview!

Vienna is famous for its cultural tradition – not only in music and fine arts but also in design. Although the city has good reasons to be proud of its outstanding personalities, like architects and designers Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffmann, for later generations, the weight of history can sometimes be very frustrating. Only a mere two decades ago it still was like this, but since the fall of the Iron Curtain things have changed! Today the city has become cosmopolitan, young, and fresh.

Don’t miss: WerkStadt Vienna – Design Engaging The City at MAK until March 17 and the upcoming Vienna Design Week from September 27 to October 6, shortly before the opening of VIENNAFAIR (October 10–13, 2013).

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