Happy Birthday, Generali Foundation! We Met Director Sabine Folie …

This year the Generali Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary! Congratulations from The New Contemporary Blog Team. What makes contemporary art so popular? Primarily its visual power. Hence, it is not so common that a corporate foundation focuses on a niche, as it can be seen as an intentional counterpart to the mainstream. Conceptual art and institutional critique are literary, intellectual – it’s about content. It might seem boring, but it’s quite the contrary! Sabine Folie, director of the Generali Foundation in Vienna, knows it best: It’s amazing, clever, and linguistic! We met her to talk about the challenge of exhibiting conceptual art, the artistic potential of text, and collecting carpets…

The foundation’s anniversary marks the occasion for a year-long series of exhibitions presenting the collection in different interpretations, as well as for reflections on how the institution has evolved since its early days in its expanding and changing, Viennese and international cultural context.

In 2013 three international curators curate three different exhibitions:

Currently in the Generali Foundation:

Amazing! Clever! Linguistic! – An Adventure in Conceptual Art, curated by Guillaume Désanges, until the April 21.

Don’t miss the upcoming exhibitons:

The Content of Form, represented by Helmut Draxler, from May 17 to August 25.

Against Method, seen by Gertrud Sandqvist, from September 13 to December 22.

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