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What A Weekend! Early Birds In Kunsthalle Wien

What a weekend! After waiting in a line with 150 people (!) in front of the doors of the Albertina for the 10th anniversary Albertina party on Friday, we popped into the “Early Birds” party at Kunsthalle Wien in Museumsquartier.  Weird people, happy dancers, nice drinks, good music, and a crazy crowd of upcoming young artists performing. All in all: 21 artist groups and eight DJs.

Click here for more snapshots

For those who do not know yet: Early Birds is a project by multimedia artist Florian Scheck (a.k.a. J‘aime Julien) and Maria Krasa (graphic designer & photographer); both are involved in the Viennese fashion design and art scene.

ART: ANDREAS PASQUALINI & YOTTO BANO (Painting), JULIAN INIC (Transmedia Art), PERFEKT WORLD (Installation), MARCO CHRISTIAN KRENN (Photography), MATTHIAS HESCHL (Photography), FLÖ RASTBICHLER (Silkscreen), PEBELLE & THE JAMBORINES (Textile Performance), DONHOFER (Painting), JOHANNES GIERLINGER (Film and Photography), ANDREA IMLER (Performance), LUMPENPACK (Illustration), MIKKO KESKIIVARI (Film), SIMON H (Drawing and Painting), ANDREAS MESSINGER (Painting), BERTRAM LUST (Graphics and Illustration), SOPHIE GOGL (Painting), FRAU ISA (Illustration), MARK & JULIA (Installation), BOICUT (Illustration), THE SEAFARER & FOR THE GOOD ONES (Illustration and Typography), DJ-LINEUP: ANTIMONO (Broken Beats, House, Nujazz), PAUL RAAL (Fontaine Futuristics), MRS. PINKEYES (Vintage Electronics, Italo Disco), MELPOP (East London meets Vienna), VANESSA VIDEO (Coldwave, Postpunk, 90’s, Rave), DURACELL (Electro Swing, Hip Hop), BAZUCO (UK Garage, Bassline House), J’AIME JULIEN (Pop-Electro-Dance-Music), VISUALS: KLEINTIERZOO (The Soap Opera) The Early Birds Blog

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