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From Russia With Love: The Homestory …

Home exhibitions have a long tradition in Moscow. In the Soviet time the artistic underground was shown in this format. As underground art was forbidden there was no other possibility for presenting the artworks. And now after some time home exhibitions are appearing again – last week, for example: Alina Gutkina and Anastasia Potemkina, two great Moscow artists, invited colleagues and friends to an absolutely great show at their flat…

For this occasion the two painted a white horizontal stripe along the walls of their flat and fixed a selection of their works to it. Here I can only show you just a few impressions of this exhibit, but I recommend that you search the Internet for both artists. By the way, Alina Gutkina will come to Vienna this year as a resident at Kulturkontakt.

The second exhibition I would like to mention took place at the XL Gallery in Moscow. Some years ago a number of the leading galleries in Moscow announced that they would close – among them XL Gallery, for years one of the most important places for contemporary art in Russia. It was very sad, the art market was declared dead, and there was a lot of discussion and press. The only positive thing about it is, somehow everything is still going on. The latest exhibition is titled 331c.

Artists of the Moscow street art and graffiti scene were invited to realize works  this time not in the street but on little porcelain versions of famous concrete wall elements that you can find on every Russian construction site. In my mind, a very smart idea: the domestification of street art for cosy homes, a documentation of graffiti art in Moscow, a new element in the long tradition of imperial-Soviet-Russian porcelain.

If you can read Russian – here is an interview with the street artist 0331С:


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