Don’t Call It Offspace! – Alexandra Grausam From “Das Weisse Haus”

Another great woman of Vienna’s art scene! Alexandra Grausam likes the idea of alternative art spaces, but as one of the founders of Das Weisse Haus (The White House) she doesn’t want to use the term “offspace”. Das Weisse Haus is an institution. But more than that, it’s young, fresh, and it  has definitely become an important part of Vienna’s contemporary art scene… Watch the video to learn more about this amazing art space!

Since the beginning in 2007, it has been part of the concept to offer young artists, who might not have entered the art market yet, a solid presentation platform with a long-term attitude of sorts, i.e. an extensive exhibition program and regular opening hours. The name Das Weisse Haus can be seen as a reference to the world’s most famous political institution, the White House in Washington. In art context, of course, reference is also made to the well-known “white cube”, the epitome of the institutionalized presentation of modern and contemporary arts. In June 2012, Das Weisse Haus moved to a former school building in the heart of Vienna, between Karlskirche (St. Charles Church) and the Funkhaus in the Argentinier Straße. It’s the fourth location, and every new site offers different advantages and challenges. The character of the space influences the exhibition program. There is always a strong relationship between the art and the place where it is presented.

The current exhibition “Fine Sound, Keine Medienkunst“, which runs until March 30, presents the artists FAXEN, Andreas Krach, Tristan Perich, Gaby Peters, RaumZeitPiraten, Georg Reil and Kathy Scheuring, Ulla Rauter, Amund Sjolie Sveen, Christian Konrad Schröder, Markus Taxacher, and Benjamin Tomasi and is curated by Alexandra Grausam and Markus Taxacher.

From the exhibition’s website:

“In order to experience music as a pattern of tones and repetitive notes, sequences and interferences of noises, a complex cognition is required. If such a complex cognition is understood as a special form of fine arts, a transgression of categorical orders is certainly necessary. This shift of comprehension opens up an extended space of diachronic and synchronic possibilities of operation modes and reading modes. They afford explorations in aesthetical and theoretical relations between music and tones, sculpture and music as well as installation and composition.”

There was also an extensive supporting program with performances, jam sessions, and concerts. As the exhibition will end very soon (this week is your last chance), at least you shouldn’t miss the upcoming annual sales exhibition!

Current: Fine Sound, Keine Medienkunst until March 30.

Upcoming: 2nd Annual Sales Exhibition from April 5 to 14, 2013.

das weisse haus
Argentinierstraße 11
1040 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 236 3775


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