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Opening of sound:frame in MAK

The 7th Festival For Audiovisual Expressions sound:frame opened yesterday at MAK. We met a lot of hipsters, students, creatives, and also Eva Fischer, the art director of the festival. And: we liked the exhibition “The House of Drift” (or should we call it “media dance fashion video installation”?). Check out the snapshots – fresh from the card – and the interview with Eva F. …
Click for more pictures by Alexander Schwarzinger.


How did it start this year?

Eva: The exhibition takes the “collective” as this year’s key subject. At first there were only three people involved and I told them: “Please invite another two or three artists to join and build the collective”, and I was fascinated because within two or three weeks around 40 people joined. For the exhibition “The House of Drift”, more than 40 artists worked together.

In the exhibition some parts of the installation are covered with pyramid foam. Are these special absorbers, usually used in sound recording studios, applied to improve the quality of the sound in the exhibition hall or are they also for aesthetic reasons?

Eva: It is a part of the exhibition architecture, and that’s one point that really fascinates me. Gerald Moser and Christina Simmel really thought about how to create a unique hall. Everything you see in the exhibition is really connected to every other thing you see… Artists from five different disciplines worked together: We have, for example, a whole team of fashion designers led by Lisi Lang, a Viennese designer; we have this huge team of performers, who actually wore the costumes and were filmed. You can see them in the video, which is made by depart, who were responsible for the creative direction of “The House of Drift”. Gregor Ladenhauf created the sound, Leonhard Lass created the visual part. Andreas Waldschütz and his team were responsible for all the photographic work shown in the exhibition.

What shouldn’t people miss at the festival? 

Eva: Well, it’s always very hard to highlight the program that you created yourself… I think people who are interested in theory should come to the sound:frame departure conference at Fluc this Saturday because there will be many different theoretians and artists discussing the festival topic “Collective”.

For people who are into live performance, I think that the performance at Fluc this Saturday night will be amazing. There will be the visual artists from the NODE forum, a festival in Frankfurt. They work with a special software that they programmed themselves, so you can see the videomapping installation there.

On the second weekend we will be in brut, which is an amazing location, I really like the venue. It is like a black box and we’re going to have a special mapping setup there in which many VJs will play. And what I am really excited about: We have a Vienna premiere: SOHN. He is a very new artist, who released his first track in autumn last year. He has never played in Vienna before.

And one last question: What do you love about Vienna?

Eva: I absolutely love Vienna because it is so easy to network, it is so easy to know many people here. And it feels a little bit like a family, so to say. I think it is relaxed here and a lot of art and different stuff is going on, but you can breathe and lay back. Vienna is exciting… If you want to find the cool places just go on the streets, ask people you like: “Where should I go?” and they will tell you…:)

“The House of Drift”

A cooperation of sound:frame and MAK
Exhibition: April 5–21, 2013
MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art
Weiskirchnerstraße 3, 1010 Vienna

Creative Direction: depart (Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf )

Architecture & Installations: Gerald Moser & Christina Simmel

Photo & Video Shooting: Andreas Waldschütz & Tea

Costume: Lisi Lang & Team

Performance: Sebastijan Geč & Team

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