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Happy & Sad – Vienna Stories in New York’s Spring II

I met the Viennese ‘architectural society’ at an opening at the Austrian Culture Forum in New York and had a Schnitzel in the Austrian in-restaurant Edi & Wolf, where Hollywood star Diane Kruger and Ralph Lauren have been spotted. Read about a private party at Nin Brudermann’s (AT) artist loft in Williamsburg, NY in memory of the recent death of the young Austrian sound artist Christof Cargnelli, with theremin queen Dorit Chrysler (AT) on stage, who also recently published her new video (watch it down below…).

Nin Brudermann's loft is demolished in the early morning, the flowering  photo by Nin Brudermann

photo by Nin Brudermann

Nin Brudermann’s loft in New York is demolished in the early morning after the party, but the blossoming bush is rescued. Farewell to Williamsburg and Christof Cargnelli. How symbolic!

New York Spring 2013, I am heading to the opening at the Austrian Cultural Institute – it’s an architectural gem in the middle of Manhattan by the (native Austrian) architect Raimund Abraham (*1933 in Lienz – †2010 in L.A.) – with Veltliner and Stiegl beer for the exhibition “Vienna Model. Housing for the 21st Century” on the history of public housing by Adolf Loos, Red Vienna, and the situation today. All were invited to the opening by the institute director Andreas Stadler (till September 2, 2013, see photos).

Artist pair Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber (AT), artist Gerald Staub (AT), Marc Gilbert (AT/USA), Michael Ludwig (Vienna City Councillor for Housing, Housing Construction, and Urban Renewal), Wolfgang Förster and William Menking (curators), Austrian artists Michael Rieper and Michael Zinganel, New York-based architect Mimi Hoang, and Abby Hamlin, the Director of Curriculum and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Real Estate Development at Columbia University, along with Isa Rosenberg, artist, and Jeff Derksen, artist.

After the vernissage, everyone is off to East Village – including the specially flown in Austrian journalists from APA, Kurier, and Krone Chronik (!) – to the one-of-a-kind New York Heurigen (wine tavern) “Edi & The Wolf” for a genuine crispy schnitzel with genuine cucumber salad. Design: Somewhere between rustic-eclectic, alpine hut, garage, coffee house, bistro, and cabin. Austrian “Gemütlichkeit” (coziness) a lá New York. But a fashionable place: Hollywood star Diane Kruger has already been spotted here; also Ralph Lauren apparently likes to reminisce here on the culinary roots of his Austrian wife. But today, we are among ourselves. Unfortunately.

After that, one for the road – or better, a last escape cocktail – “Secession” (gin, watermelon juice, lemon, and salt) in the new New York Austrian bar “The Third Man”, just a few houses down the road. Both venues are run by the thirty-somethings Edi Frauneder (Michelin cook) and Wolfgang Ban. So to say, the 20-years-younger anti-thesis of the noble Kurt Gutenbrunner empire (Neue Galerie). They’re called the “schnitzel mafia” in New York.

A party in Williamsburg in memoriam Christof Cargnelli

But we’re not tired just yet. The Vienna-born artist Nin Brudermann (*1970) is throwing a bash in her Williamsburg studio to honor the Viennese sound artist and musician Christof Cargnelli (*1969), who recently died after heart failure at 43. The Austrian musician Dorit Chrysler plays theremin to venerate her friend (see photos). He would have loved it. I am sure.

The New York gallerist and Austrian Simone Subal is also there, musician Fuckintosh, Austrian born architekt Ralf Mayer, The New Contemporary editor Petra Zechmeister, Beirut born photographer Lucien Samaha and many more. Sad und happy at the same time, but feels good to celebrate a friend together. In the early morning the loft of Nin Brudermann is demolished, she will move to the Catskills, a countryside in the north of New York where many Hipsters flew after the rush hours of their life. Only a flowering bush is rescued (see photo). Farewell to Williamsburg and Christof Cargnelli! What a symbolism. I’m still making small talk with a can of beer with dandy Anthony Haden-Guest – cartoonist, author, and busy society columnist for Esquire, Vanity Fair, Financial Times, and New York Observer and brother-in-law of Jamie Lee Curtis. He loves Vienna. Haden-Guest is not an Austrian. What a refreshing change. I’m happy. Sorry! What is Stefan Sagmeister’s Happiness Formula #5: “It is pretty much impossible to please everybody.”

See you in Vienna! Be happy! Here is your good night song by Dorit Chrysler. Her newest video in cooperation with MOCA TV (The Museum Of Contemporary Art TV, Los Angeles). Just click the picture to watch:

“Winterglow” Credits & Mighty Thank You’s:
Director/Editor: Margarita Jimeno
Cinematographer: Jessica Bennett
Camera: Nina Kuhn
Grip: Scott Buckler
Hair and Make-up: Aleksandra Sasha Nesterchukk
Cast: Dorit Chrysler (pilot), Jens Louis Valeur (man, dancer), Lasse Hanstad (man, stunt), Philip Angert (Pilot stunt), Sasha (dog).
Grading: Ntropic
Thanks: Philip Angert, Paul, Laura Tomaselli, Ntropic, Nin Bruderman

Special thanks to our editor Petra Zechmeister in New York who made this article possible!

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