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Chaos And Fun: Vivienne Westwood Party in Vienna

The dresscode was NOIZ at this crazy and nois(z)y party at the legendary Viennese artist coffeeshop Café Korb. What fun! Check out the loud, flashy, and colorful party crowd …

The Italian Salvatore Viviano, who invited me to this Vivienne Westwood CHAOS performance party, is not only an artist but also a very cool DJ. He knows what kind of sound gets the party crowd dancing – and the audience went crazy! Many creatives, fashion-affine, and VIP guests from art, music, media, and business celebrated Vivienne Westwood together with the charismatic and lovely hosts, the coffeeshop owner Susanne Widl and Westwood designer Gregor Pirouzi. This event was part of the exhibition “Punk: Chaos To Couture”, which takes place at New York’s Metropolitan Museum through to August 11, 2013.

Who showed up? Viennese artist group Gelitin, fashion designer Lena Hoschek, Mark Keller, Bruno Eyron, Hans Mahr,  Rafreider, Joachim Knehs with wife Claudia Knehs-Vranitzky, Daniela Golpashin, Thomas Kirchgrabner, entrepreneur Fred Duswald, and Michael Tojne. SoHo legend Phil Dirtbox (London), Philipp Quehenberger (Vienna), and David Jahn (Prague) ensured the necessary CHAOS SOUND.

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