VIENNAFAIR TV In Search Of Happiness

What makes people happy? Yesterday VIENNAFAIR TV tried to find out. I accompanied the film crew during the shooting of a new video series, which will be published soon on our blog. The weather was just as perfect as the locations. A swimming pool in Vienna’s city center, a museum in Sigmund Freud’s former flat, and a cemetery for nameless people… check out the images!

We started at Badeschiff, probably one of the hippest locations on the Danube Canal, right in the city center, on a boat. People already came in the morning to cool down in the swimming pool and to enjoy the summerly temperature on the sundeck. We were tempted to do this as well but the crew had its own job to do. Chief editor Antje Mayer asked the people about what makes them happy. In this pleasant atmosphere the question seemed to be more than appropriate.

Afterwards we went to the Sigmund Freud Museum where Vita Zaman spoke with the psychoanalyst Bettina Reiter. The museum was formerly the living and working space of Freud himself. Personal items and furnishings give you the feeling of the spirit of those days when this new science was created.

The last location was the Friedhof der Namenlosen (cemetery of nameless people). Together with Antje Mayer, the artistic directors of VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary Vita Zaman and Christina Steinbrecher philosophized about the meaning of happiness and also about what makes people sad. In the early 20th century the bodies of suicide and drowning victims were buried here. During the recent flooding in Vienna it was completely under water. All the graves, plants, and crosses were covered with a thin film of gray mud. Through the trees came the light of the evening sun. It was creepy and beautiful at the same time.

Crew: Antje Mayer, Gerald Zagler, Kristina Kulakova; Make-up: Sandra Maron; Camera: Philipp Steiner, Sound/Light: Thomas Werginz.

The films will be online soon. Stay tuned to the Blog!

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