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What was the reason for my absence? Together with our partners, my Moscow team from the Austrian Culture Forum and I were preparing the program of our forum  titled “Austrian Culture Season 2013/14”, which will run until the end of 2014: 50 culture projects, classic and contemporary, in 17 Russian cities! As the program is ready I can start going to exhibitions and studios once again…

OVER TEN – an exhibition running simultaneously at ten different sites in Moscow:

PrintThe project consisted of a series of group exhibitions that opened at various gallery and museum spaces in Moscow on June 13 and 14. All exhibitions showed identical works organized into a universal exposition, regardless of the place in which they were exhibited. All the curatorial, organizational, and other related tasks were fulfilled by the artists participating in the project. Apart from having common content, all the spaces – which included the Museum of Decorative and Applied Arts, the State Tretyakov Gallery on the Krymsky Val, the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Center “Fabrika”, XL Gallery, Random Gallery, and other venues – were connected by a rickshaw bicycle route. Each exhibition included works from different genres, however their simultaneous presence, their meaning, and spatial connection transformed not each work or exhibition but the whole into a composite statement.

Participating Artists: Ivan Brazhkin, Vladislav Shapovalov, Nadezhda Grishina, Anastasia Potemkina, Anastasia Ryabova, Lena Martynova, Mikhail Zaikanov, Maxim Spivakov, Vladislav Kruhinsky, Valentin Fetisov, Varvara Gevorgizova

By seeing the same works ten times in different venues in Moscow with the connection by rickshaw you really learn by heart what is exhibited. It was great and unforgettable!

Sergei Shekhovtsov at Ekaterina Foundation

For a more ceremonial taste, I had the chance to see a personal solo exhibition of Sergei Shekhovtsov for the first time at Ekaterin Foundation. I got an impression of what Shekhovtsov art is about and found it really great – for sure, some of the best that has ever been created with white plastic foam!

You can find more information about the artist at XL Gallery

And for all those coming to Moscow, always have a look at what is going on at Ekaterina Foundation, you will always find a highly interesting exhibition:

And finally: “In The Fresh Air” – An exhibition of young Russian art at the Design Center “ARTPLAY

In the main exhibition hall of the ARTPLAY Design Center (the main project of 4th Moscow Biennale took place here) students of Moscow’s most important art education institutions are showing their latest projects. Here’s some pics:

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