Gallery List 2013

We are happy to announce the galleries of VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary 2013!

Floor plan

A22 , Gallery On The Move, Tirana, Albania, http://www.galleryonthemove.net

B21 , Galerie Altnöder, Salzburg, Austria, http://www.galerie-altnoeder.com
G6 , Artelier Contemporary, Graz, Austria, http://www.artelier-contemporary.at
B14 , Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna, Austria, http://www.projektraum.at
F12 , Charim Galerie, Vienna, Austria, http://www.charimgalerie.at
H15 , Galerie Chobot, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerie-chobot.at
C18 , Galerie Heike Curtze, Vienna, Austria, http://www.heikecurtze.com
H1 , Kerstin Engholm Gallery, Vienna, www.kerstinengholm.com
G16 , Galerie Frey, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerie-frey.com
C22 , Lukas Feichtner Galerie, Vienna, Austria, http://www.feichtnergallery.com
H4 , Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, http://www.georgkargl.com
H20 , Galerie 422 Margund Lössl, Gmunden, Austria, http://www.galerie422.at
C19 , Raum mit Licht, Vienna, Austria, http://www.raum-mit-licht.at
H6 , Galerie Andreas Huber, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerieandreashuber.at
B13 , Galerie Ernst Hilger, Vienna, Austria, http://www.hilger.at
C15 , Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Bregenz, Austria, http://www.galerie-lisihaemmerle.at
H12 , Christine König Galerie, Vienna, Austria, http://www.christinekoeniggalerie.com
E11 , Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerie-krinzinger.at
B11 , Knoll Galerie Vienna/Budapest, Austria/Hungary, http://www.knollgalerie.at
H17 , Galerie Konzett e.U., Vienna, Austria, http://www.artkonzett.com
D3 , KROBATH, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galeriekrobath.at
F4 , Galerie Meyer Kainer, Wien, Österreich, http://www.meyerkainer.com
F2 , Galerie Emanuel Layr, Vienna, Austria, http://www.emanuellayr.com
Galerie Eugen Lendl, Graz, Austria, http://www.eugenlendl.com
A4 , Galerie Lindner, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerie-lindner.at
H16 , Galerie Lang Wien, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerielangwien.at
C14 , Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Salzburg/Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerie-mam.com
F14 , Galerie nächst St. Stephan – Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna, Austria, www.schwarzwaelder.at
B12 , OstLicht. Galerie für Fotografie, Vienna, Austria, http://www.ostlicht.at
G4 , Galerie Nikolaus Ruzicska, Salzburg, Austria, http://www.ruzicska.com
G13 , Gabriele Senn Galerie, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galeriesenn.at
H19 , Galerie Schmidt, Reith i. A., Austria, http://www.galerie-schmidt.com
C11 , Galerie Silvia Steinek, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galerie.steinek.at
C12 , Kunsthandel Heinrich Steinek, Vienna, Austria, http://www.kunsthandel.steinek.org
C4 , Galerie Elisabeth & Klaus Thoman, Innsbruck, Austria, http://www.galeriethoman.com
G3 , Galerie Hubert Winter, Vienna, Austria, http://www.galeriewinter.at
B17 , Galerie Zimmermann Kratochwill, Graz, Austria, http://www.zimmermann-kratochwill.com

C9 , Galerie Valérie Bach, Brussels, Belgium, http://www.galerievaleriebach.com

G9 , 0gms Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, http://www.0gms.com
B3 , SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, http://www.sariev-gallery.com

B9 , Drdova Gallery Prague, Prague, Czech Republic, http://www.drdovagallery.com
E5 , POLANSKY GALLERY, Prague, Czech Republic, http://www.polanskygallery.com
D10 , SVIT, Prague, Czech Republic, http://www.svitpraha.org

A3 , Temnikova & Kasela Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia, http://www.temnikova.ee

H8 , Gallery Taik Persons, Helsinki, Finland, http://www.helsinkischool.fi

H5 , Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, France, http://www.galeriegaillard.com
E21 , IADA, Paris, France, www.onesteppeforward.com

A14 , AANDO FINE ART, Berlin, Germany, http://www.aandofineart.com
H13 , Andreas Binder Gallery, Munich, Germany, http://www.andreasbinder.de
G12 , Galerie Crone, Berlin, Germany, http://www.cronegalerie.com
C20 , Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover, Germany, http://www.galerie-robert-drees.de
G7 , Galerie Christian Ehrentraut, Berlin, Germany, http://www.christianehrentraut.com
F6 , Galerija Gregor Podnar, Berlin, Germany, http://www.gregorpodnar.com
H22 , Galerie Hollenbach, Stuttgart, Germany, http://www.galerie-hollenbach.de
G8 , Galerie Jochen Hempel, Leipzig, Germany, http://www.jochenhempel.com
G17 , Galerie Kornfeld, Berlin, www.galeriekornfeld.com
D4 , Galerie MaxWeberSixFriedrich, Munich, Germany, http://www.maxwebersixfriedrich.com
G14 , Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany, http://www.kaimiddendorff.de
H11 , Galerie Nordenhake, Berlin, Germany, http://www.nordenhake.com
C5 , Galerie Sherin Najjar, Berlin, Germany, http://www.sherinnajjar.com
A17 , ph-projects, Berlin, Germany, http://www.ph-projects.com
D11 , Galeria Plan B Berlin/Cluj, Germany/Romania, http://www.plan-b.ro
F18 , Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany, http://www.galerie-schultz.de
H7 , taubert contemporary, Berlin, Germany, http://www.taubertcontemporary.com
D14 , TEAPOT, Cologne, Germany, http://www.weareteapot.com
H10 , ŻAK | BRANICKA, Berlin/Krakow, Germany/Poland, http://www.zak-branicka.com

B4 , acb Galeria, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.acbgaleria.hu
A11 , Erika Déak Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.deakgaleria.hu
A13 , INDA Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.indagaleria.hu
E3 , Kisterem, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.kisterem.hu
D17 , Ani Molnár Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.molnaranigaleria.hu
B8 , TRAPÉZ, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.trpz.hu
B10 , VILTIN Galéria, Budapest, Hungary, http://www.viltin.hu

A2 , Shirin Art Center, Tehran, Iran, http://www.shiringallery.com

A8 , Galleria Goethe, Bozen, Italy, http://www.galleriagoethe.it

C10 , ALMA Gallery, Riga, Latvia, http://www.galerija-alma.lv
G2 , kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia, http://www.kim.lv

D6 , The Gardens, Vilnius, Lithuania, http://www.thegardens.lt
E13 , Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, Lithuania, http://www.galerijavartai.lt

C3 , BWA Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland, http://www.bwawarszawa.pl
A18 , COLLECTIVA, Poznan-Tulce, Poland http://www.collectivagallery.com
F5 , Czułość, Warsaw, Poland, http://www.czulosc.com
D9 , Galeria Stereo, Poznań, Poland, http://www.galeriastereo.pl
D15 , Le Guern Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, http://www.leguern.pl
G20 , lokal_30, Warsaw, Poland,www.lokal30.pl
D9 , Dawid Radziszewski Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, http://www.dawidradziszewski.com
D12 , Raster, Warsaw, Poland, http://www.rastergallery.com
C1 , Starter Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, http://www.starter.org.pl

B1 , Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania, http://www.ancapoterasu.com
C7 , :BARIL, Cluj Napoca, Romania, http://www.baril.ro
E18 , Club Electroputere, Bucharest, Romania, http://www.clubelectroputere.ro
E19 , Experimental Project, Bucharest, www.experimentalproject.ro
E7 , Ivan Gallery Bucharest, Romania, http://www.ivangallery.com
G5 , JECZA Gallery, Timisoara, Romania, http://www.jeczagallery.com
E17 , KILOBASE Bucharest, Romania
E20 , Salonul de proiecte, Bucharest, www.salonuldeproiecte.ro

B5 , 16thLINE Gallery, Rostov-on-Don, Russia, http://www.16thline.com
D7 , Gallery 21, Moscow, Russia, http://www.gallery21.ru
A16 , Nadja Brykina Gallery, Moscow, Russia, http://www.brykina.com
A9 , Glaz Gallery, Moscow, Russia, http://www.glazgallery.com
H18 , Marina Gisich Gallery, Saint Petersburg, Russia, http://www.gisich.com
A5 , Galerie Iragui, Moscow, Russia, http://www.iragui.com
A12 , Pop/off/art gallery Moscow-Berlin, Russia/Germany, http://www.popoffart.com
H3 , Regina Gallery, Moscow, Russia, http://www.reginagallery.com
A10 , RuArts, Moscow, Russia, http://www.ruarts.ru
C6 , Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia, http://www.triumph-gallery.com
H18 , Ural Vision Gallery, Yekaterinburg, Russia, http://www.uralvisiongalleryeng.tumblr.com

G15 , Gandy Gallery, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, http://www.gandy-gallery.com
B6 , Krokus, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, http://www.krokusgaleria.sk
A7 , Roman Fecik Gallery, Bratislava, Slovak Republic, http://www.romanfecikgallery.sk

G11 , P74, Ljubljana, Slovenia, http://www.zavod-parasite.si

B19 , Gallery H.A.N., Seoul, South Korea, http://www.gallery-han.com

D5 , Galerie Clemens Gunzer, Zurich, Switzerland, http://www.clemensgunzer.com
D8 , ribordy contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland, http://www.ribordycontemporary.com
B7 , Scheublein Fine Art, Zurich, Switzerland, http://www.scheubleinfineart.com

E22 , Cda-Projects, İstanbul, Turkey, http://www.cda-projects.com
G10 , Galeri Nev Istanbul, Beyoglu/Istanbul, Turkey, http://www.galerinevistanbul.com
A20 , Sanatorium, Istanbul, www.sanatorium.com.tr
F22 , Galeri Zilberman, Istanbul, Turkey, http://www.galerizilberman.com

E12 , Carbon12, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, http://www.carbon12dubai.com

B22 , Division of Labour, Worcester, United Kingdom, http://www.divisionoflabour.co.uk
D13 , Gazelli Art House, London/Baku , United Kingdom/Azerbaijan, http://www.gazelliarthouse.com
A6 , HADA Contemporary, London , United Kingdom, http://hadacontemporary.com/
F3 , Ibid, London, United Kingdom, http://www.ibidprojects.com

D21 , MIRONOVA Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, http://www.mironova-gallery.com

H9 , Marc Jancou Contemporary, New York, USA, http://www.marcjancou.com
E4 , Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA, http://www.steveturnercontemporary.com

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