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School Of Happiness Lesson 5: Watch The Sky

The project Public Face I (Stimmungsgasometer) by Julius von Bismarck, Benjamin Maus & Richard Wilhelmer is about a smiley on a huge screen from which one can read the average mood of the Berlin citizens.

The system allows to read emotions out of random peoples faces. The faces are analyzed by sophisticated software (contributed by the Fraunhofer Institut). The obtained mood data are then stored on a server and processed by the smiley on the screen to visualize the emotions in real-time.

nah DJ Hell at Tempelhof

Public Face II (the Fühlometer) is an eight meter high smiley made out of steel and neon tubes, installed on a lighthouse, showing the present emotions of the citizens of Lindau.
The sculpture was part of the exhibition “PROVINZ”, that took place in Lindau in August 2010.

Photos from www.juliusvonbismarck.com

video about Public Face II (Fühlometer) by vernissage tv

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