School of Happiness

School Of Happiness Lesson 14: Enjoy The Symptom

What are the reasons for unhappiness 100 years ago and now? What is Sigmund Freud’s relationship with sexuality? Why does the patient have to lay on the couch and the analyst sits behind? All those questions and more were discussed during the interview with Vita Zaman, the artistic director of VIENNAFAIR, and Bettina Reiter, a specialist in psychiatry, psychoanalyst, board member of the Sigmund Freud Society, and editor of the Zeitschrift für psychoanalytische Theorie und Praxis (Journal of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice). For more comprehensive answers, join us at VIENNAFAIR from October 9 to 13 during Vienna Talks/School of Happiness. Info about the timetable and speakers will be available on our website:

The interview was filmed in the library of Sigmund Freud’s former apartment and office. It is now a museum where you can see an exhibition documenting the life and work of the founder of psychoanalysis, original furnishings, articles of daily use, and antiquities from Freud’s collection as well as temporary special exhibitions. With the film crew we walked throughout the rooms where this new science was created and where Freud and his family spent 47 years.

Visit the museum’s website for more info on the exhibitions and opening hours:

Bettina Reiter – psychiatrist, psychoanalyst.
MD, specialist in psychiatry and neurology, since 1990 established practice, by 1995, senior physician at the Psychiatric Hospital of the City of Vienna, Baumgartnerhöhe. Member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society. Since 2000 editor of the “Journal of Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice” (Stroemfeld Verlag, Frankfurt am Main),, and the author of numerous publications, among it a book: “Spaziergänge mit Freud”, edition steinbauer, Vienna, 2007. From 2003 – July 2008 the director of the Academy of Holistic Medicine – Gamed. Since 2007 member of the editorial board of the journal “Research in Complementary Medicine – Science – Practice – Discussion”. From 2008 to 2011 Vice President, from 2011 to 2013 president, and at the moment is on the board of Sigmund Freud Society, Vienna. 2010-2012 “work package leader” in the project CAMbrella – the pan European research network for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Teaching since 1993 in the context of psychotherapy training (preparatory course, specific element of training, continuing education curriculum oriented psychoanalytic psychotherapy). For more info visit

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