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rAndom International In New York And Germany

Photo of Hannes Koch of rAndom International in his Rain Room at MoMA in July 2013.

Photo: Andrea Hazen

See what the artist collective rAndom International is up to next:

rAndom International’s first outdoor artwork will debut at the Ruhr Triennale in Essen, Germany, on August 23. The work titled Tower is a site-specific installation for the Zollverien coal mine in Essen. It is located at Welterbe Zollverein, Schacht XII – a former coke oven – and uses the region’s plentiful natural resource: water.
Tower is a vast, temporary structure consisting of geometric displays of water, which fall from a great height and create a monolithic structure, an ephemeral tower that appears and disappears instantaneously. The sound of the falling rain is intensely loud and a sensation of moisture lingers in the air.

 Tower, rAndom International

Tower, rAndom International

The architecture of the space becomes performative, inviting those within it to experience the water of Zeche Zollverein in a uniquely physical and intimate way.

Ruhr Triennale

Gelsenkirchener Str. 181

45309 Essen


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