“The City Is A lot Friendlier Than Its Reputation” – Gheri Sackler, Сollector

I met collector Gheri Sackler, who is also an ambassador of VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary, at the legendary restaurant Zum Schwarzen Kameel to find out why she is in love with Vienna.

DSCF1743 (1)

Why Vienna?

Gheri Sackler: I have been looking for a capital city that is convenient and interesting to live in. I cannot be here full time, unfortunately, but whenever I can be in Vienna I am here, as I have been doing for the last five years.

Where are the best places to hang around in Vienna?

Gheri: Homes of friends, we mostly visit each other and spend time together. I don’t sit around in coffee houses… well, this might come still – but not yet.

Where are the best places to shop in Vienna?

Gheri: Lobmeyr, I love their glass products. I’m a loyal customer.

Where are the best places to eat in Vienna?

Gheri:  Do&Co, Kameel, and ethnic restaurants with Persian or Asian food: one. Private dinners, we enjoy cooking ourselves.

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Did you have friends in Vienna before or is it all new friends?

Gheri: I would say it’s about 50/50.

Where is the best place to waste time in Vienna?

Gheri: Prater, I go there about once a week. I do power walking there. In the parks in the center one can’t really do sports that much. Also I enjoy just walking around in the city. I’m still at the stage of discovering the city.

What is the best souvenir from Vienna?

Gheri: Lobmeyr (glass, porcelain), and Schullin is my favorite jeweler.

Best places where people can find contemporary art in Vienna?  

Gheri: Institutions:  mumok, KHM, 21er Haus. Galleries: Kargl, Huber, Charim, Janda. My plan for 2014 is to discover the many galleries I do not know yet.

What are the best upcoming events in Vienna?

Gheri: I’m not up to date with events. I follow theater, concerts and opera. I make sure I see at least one performance each time I am in Vienna.

Your favorite building in Vienna?

Gheri: I love the Wagner and Hoffman period. For example, I like the Postsparkasse on the Georg Coch Platz.



The funniest/strangest in Vienna?

Gheri: The city is a lot friendlier than its reputation, Viennese humor is direct and black, I like that.

What is your personal instruction for Vienna?

Gheri: I have the book by Nicole Adler “Wien heute”  in stacks at my home.The book has all one ever wants to know about Vienna.

What is the noise/beat of Vienna?

Gheri: For me it might be the Musikverein, it might be a memory of my hometown Salzburg. As I said, I try to see as many music performances as possible, from vocal to instrumental classical music, but this is not to say that I don’t also appreciate the many entertainers of all kinds of rock or other contemporary music that frequently appear in Vienna.

What is the aroma of Vienna?

Gheri: Good coffee and fresh pastry.

I love Vienna for…

Gheri: Nothing is difficult in the city! Everything is easy to navigate and plan.

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