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Tal Isaac Hadad In Istanbul This Week

Don’t miss the chance to see the special performance by French artist Tal Isaac Hadad at ARTINTERNATIONAL ISTANBUL this week.

“Tal Isaac Hadad | Le geste, documentation of rehearsals with Wilhem Latchoumia, photography assisted by Kate Fichard, 90 x 125 cm | 2013”

“Tal Isaac Hadad | Le geste, documentation of rehearsals with Wilhem Latchoumia, photography assisted by Kate Fichard, 90 x 125 cm | 2013”


Piano Constraints is presented at the amphitheater of Artinternational Istanbul. From the 15th to the 18th September the public can circulate around the sculptural piece, it may be played with fingers, fists, palm or knukles.

Piano Constraints displays modified concert pianos, one reduced to three keys note, the other to six, conceptually suiting the second and fifth movement of the Musica Ricercata (1953) by Ligeti. The writing rule imagined by Ligeti is here reinforced by the form of the instrument. Although this extreme specialization offers new possibilities to be explored by pianists through a repertoire of written piece. A gap between the repertoire and the development of gesture, which conveys memory and hearing, and the very sound of the instrument stems from the keyboard which offers new sound and physical forms of expression.

Tal Isaac Hadad is a French artist, he lives and works in Paris.Tal Isaac Hadad diverts and manipulates sound sources; from their most popular to their most erudite forms. He works on listening experiences, music objects and sound art. In Piano Constraints Tal Isaac Hadad explores the possibilities of an economy of means taken to the extreme. He reverses the traditional proposition of an universal instrument made to interpret any musical repertoire, and presents a piano with only three keys. Here the music score produces the instrument, adapting the movements of Musica Ricercata in a sculpture.

Wilhem Latchoumia interprets a programme focused on gestures and constraints, with a selection of works for solo piano by Gyorgi Ligeti, Gyorgi Kurtag and Philippe Regana. Born in Lyon in 1974, Wilhem Latchoumia performs regularly in recitals, in concertos and in chamber music concerts. He has played as a soloist conducted by Gilbert Amy, Peter Csaba, Fabrice Pierre with the Rostow Symphony orchestra conducted by Andrei Galanov and with the Seoul and Daejean philharmonic orchestras. Wilhem Latchoumia has recorded two discs: Piano and Electronic Sounds and Impressoes.

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