This year VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary will present VIENNA XL (booth A19) for the first time, a platform for the introduction of non-profit, alternative, and artist-run spaces. Institutions from Albania, Georgia, Kosovo, Lithuania, and Serbia will be presented at the fair with the kind support of the Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture BM:UKK. 

Lithuania, Vilnius

Rupert, © Audrius Ambrasas Architects

Rupert, © Audrius Ambrasas Architects

RUPERT is a center for art and education devoted to establishing close cooperation between artists, thinkers, researchers, and other cultural actors through interdisciplinary programs and residencies. A knowledge-based platform for innovative creative production, Rupert integrates with the social and cultural framework of the city of Vilnius while simultaneously supporting a strong international focus. Rupert’s mission manifests in three distinct but closely-linked channels: first, the EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM offers 8–10 participants the chance to develop project ideas and make connections with professionals in the field through regular lectures and workshops. It provides the invaluable opportunity for collaborative education, forging new international networks. This degreeless, non-academic program is proudly career-oriented and supplemented by its transdisciplinary approach. Rupert’s second educational series begins in October 2013 and will last until June 2014. Second, Rupert offers a RESIDENCY PROGRAM in which the participants develop their individual projects, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in Vilnius. Through collaboration, participants will establish fruitful connections with Rupert’s educational program and the artistic sphere of the region. Rupert’s residencies will provide both Lithuanian and foreign participants with the opportunity to live and work in Vilnius for a minimum of 10 weeks. Finally, an unconventional EXHIBITION PROGRAM will serve as the basis for a wide range of public programs and activities exploring art and its role in contemporary society. The gallery is conceived as a space of support for the educational program – a laboratory that will complement topics covered by workshops and lectures. Through its research and development-oriented programs, Rupert supports international thinkers in realizing their projects and establishing their creative careers on an international scale. It focuses on contemporary artistic and curatorial practices but remains close to an extensive range of disciplines, while encouraging transdisciplinarity.

Albania, Tirana
Tirana Ekspres

Tirana Ekspres

Tirana Ekspres is a non-profit organization made of a group of professionals, artists and promoters whose purpose is to create and organize events related to the promotion of art, culture and a sustainable development of tourism and environment. Our goal is to engage as many people as we can in pursuing the good work of leveraging the potential of art by creating and organizing good quality events. Since its early days, Tirana Ekspres has attracted more than three thousand visitors of ages ranging from 16 to 75-year-old. It has been quite a unique experience so far. For a long time Tirana Ekspres has had no official financial or other support from any institution and has yet succeded in organizing events thus getting the attention of many people, from high profile officials to marginalized groups, from independent professionals and artists to ambassadors and other international representatives in Tirana. Artists from France, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Switzerland have found a free of charge exhibition hall to showcase their works. Tirana Ekspres has also been the event location of more than thirty music shows where musicians have performed for the local audience. The events have been very cost-efficient thanks to the broad support of many volunteers like photographers, video artists and producers, etc.


Serbia, Belgrade

REMONT- Independent Artistic Association

REMONT- Independent Artistic Association

Ever since the opening of its public space in February 2000, REMONT- Independent Artistic Association independent artistic association has been gathering the documentation on artists in the course of its everyday work. Our ad hoc archive already includes a number of catalogues, books, portfolios and optical media a valuable document on happenings on contemporary local and regional artistic scene. In collaboration with the Department of History of Modern Art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, a number of students has been engaged in systematisation of this material. One of the results of this work is the online database, offering basic information on artists (biographies, list of exhibitions and previews of most significant works) active since 2000. Aim of the project is to make these information available to a wider circle of local and international professionals.

Georgia, Tibilisi

Olivier Hoelzl LIVIL Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi

Olivier Hoelzl LIVIL Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi

The exhibitions of contemporary art is a core activity of the Center of Contemporary Art (CCA). The gallery of CCA – Tbilisi has about 150 square meter space divided into 3 proportional parts.Main Strategy is to approach the audience by innovative social and cultural interaction.To propose contemporary art, on the one hand, as a spatial/architectural experiment to provide kind of journey for the visitor, and on the other hand, to produce exhibitions which will try to contextualize contemporary art and its history in Georgia. Reflection on actual local or global questions in relation with art practice has permanent character. The strategy concerning exhibition production and design aims to establish in Georgia, and the Caucasus region, professional standards in which each work has carefully chosen space and is provided by necessary verbal information. The Educational Officer (EO) of CCAT is inviting visitors from schools and universities, staff of partner organizations (TBC Bank, international cultural institutions and embassies, Elkana, Gipa, Icomos Georgia); journalists form different media (TV Broadcasting, radio’s, newspapers, bloggers).Visitors get a tour of the exhibition and are meeting the participant artist for a public dialogue. Center hosts 8 exhibitions a year and organizes audiovisual festivals quarterly.

Chisinau, Moldova

Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht

Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht

Moldova Young Artists Association Oberliht is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit and politically non-affiliated society constituted as a Public Youth Organization that has its goal the public benefit. It was registered on 6th of July 2000. The Oberliht group is represented partially by the most talented young artists who regularly take part in national and international group and personal exhibitions, recording diplomas and prizes for their works. Through its projects Oberliht Association has promoted a big number of artists from Moldova and abroad, reconfirming its status of a professional organization. When being granted financial support, its members were able to competently administrate it by organizing complex projects and events. Oberliht Association promotes both creative and theoretical thinking through exhibitions and projects on one hand and conferences, round tables, symposiums and workshops on the other hand.

Kosovo, Prishtina


Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina is the only project institution for contemporary art and architecture in Kosova. Established in 2006 by artist Albert Heta and architect Vala Osmani, Stacion is a space for artists, architects, thinkers, critics and other sociopolitical workers committed in reflecting and responding on relevant challenges of the contemporary society with an active, critical and emancipatory approach. Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina functions as an open platform that employs strategies to build up a dialogue with a differentiated public; works with clear social and political intents; encourages artistic practice and advanced architectural research, stands for intellectual independence and works to create conditions where contemporary thought and practice can happen. Stacion is committed to the re-creation of the necessary momentum for the advance and emancipation of the contemporary art scene and cultural environment of Kosova. Stacion – Center for Contemporary Art Prishtina focuses on locally-rooted practice as well as regional, European and international processes.


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