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Exhibition “Foreigners Everywhere” From The Pomeranz Collection

The exhibition “Foreigners Everywhere” from the Pomeranz Collection curated by Ami Barak (special project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art) opened last week at The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow. 

Pomeranz Collection has become in recent years one of the most consistent and exemplary sets in the league of contemporary enthusiasts who, as we know, is international. To introduce these works to a wide audience means first and foremost to break into an intimate world, to peep into the life of an uncommon personality. For years, out of their sheer love for art, Pomeranz couple has built a collection, which was at first intended to remain confidential — a personal story, a private history. But there comes a day, when the willingness to share, disarms the confidential environment and allows the public to benefit from the grip of such a subjective enterprise. Collecting relies first of all on making a personal choice in the selection of works, then on keeping these safe. And the act of collecting was conducted from the beginning in the spirit of a legacy.

The exhibition VEZDE CHUZHIE (ВЕЗДЕ ЧУЖИЕForeigners everywhere is showing a body of work that turns out to be iconic landmarks and relevant references. The title is borrowed from a work of the collective duo Claire Fontaine and is intended as a form of replication which reminds us that art is above all a reference to otherness, an image of the other and the understanding of the society in terms of openness to the world.

Foreigners Everywhere is one of the most remarkable examples of a comprehensive and coherent collection that has been brought together on the international art scene in recent years by the league of contemporary enthusiasts. This show brings together artists and contemporary works of all mediums. It examines art as a cross-border media, across generations and across geographies. Several guidelines shine through the inventory of the collection: a strong interest in the intelligent forms expressed in minimal and conceptual art, both in its historical examples and in current updates, a focus on the performative aspects of the key figures of recent art history, an increased attention or the eastern avant-garde, a sensitivity to storytelling and a passion to pull out the issues related to historical breaking points and the memory. Foreigners Everywhere includes more than 90 artworks by major artists of contemporary art such as: Francis Alys, Adel Abdessemed, Marina Abramovic and Ulay, Yael Bartana, Lawrence Weiner, Bruce Nauman, Joseph Kosuht, Taryn Simon, Elmgreen & Dragset, Claire Fontaine, Valie Export and others.

In this early 21st century in a city where efforts to develop the contemporary zeitgeist within the context of the global art process is in full swing, the Jewish Museum Moscow through this special event intends to emphasize the involvement of a major Jewish collector, born in Odessa in former USSR, in the international art scene.

By presenting this exhibition the  Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre continues the ongoing temporary exhibition program. Since April 2013, within the museum walls were demonstrated several show, such as  Le Corbusier – the architect of the book , Lives of the Great Patriotic War: letters and memories of the Red Army – Jew from the Blavatnik Archive Foundation.  Also, pre-auction exhibition of the Steinhardt family collection made  in collaboration with Sotheby’s took place at Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center.

Exhibition is open for public from 24 September to 4 November 2013.

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