“Hubert Winter Prize”

Joseph Backstein and Hubert Winter

Joseph Backstein and Hubert Winter

“After I got the prize for the best stand at the VIENNAFAIR this year for the third time, I thought that I would like to rededicate some of the money in order to consider an Institution that does an excellent job and has a limited funding. So the idea of “Hubert Winter Prize” was born. The first prize winner is the ICA in Moscow ( Institute of Contemporary Art), headed by Joseph Backstein. It was a great pleasure for me to give him the prize of 1000. -Euro personally to Joseph Backstein.” – says Huber Winter. 

The Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow (ICA Moscow) was launched in 1991 as an independent non-profit organisation, as an initiative by several Moscow artists and critics to represent the alternative movements in Russian art of the 1970s-1980s. The founder and director is Dr. Joseph Backstein. The Institute was designed in order to realize exhibitions, research and educational projects, intended to form the basis of intensive discussions and to assist in creating an intellectual atmosphere around the phenomena of contemporary art and culture.  In 2001 the ICA/Moscow joined with a new and permanent partner, the State Center for Museums and Exhibitions “ROSIZO“, Ministry of Culture, RF. All these initiatives are aimed at re­integrating contemporary Russian art into the structures of the international art world.

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