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Art Fair. The Opening

It is official! VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary opened yesterday with the attendance of 5700 art lovers!
The artistic directors Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt and Vita Zaman together with the VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary chairman Dmitry Aksenov invited art collectors and personalities from the art scene to a preview of the fair’s ninth edition, and everybody came: Agnes Husslein, the director of the Belvedere, Karola Kraus, the director of mumok, Stella Rollig, the director of Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Francesca Habsburg, the president of TBA21, Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, the director of MAK, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, the director of Albertina, Nikolaus Schafhausen, the director of Kunsthalle Wien and his predecessor Gerald Matt, Martin Böhm, CEO of Dorotheum, Gabriele Schor, the manager of Sammlung Verbund, Sabine Folie, the artistic head of the Generali Foundation, Ruth Goubran, Head of Community Affairs & Sponsoring of Erste Group, Peter Püspök, curatorship leader of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Biennale commissioner Jasper Sharp, and many more met at Hall A of Messe Wien to celebrate art in the heart of this diverse presentation by 127 galleries.

Vita Zaman, Dmitri Aksenov, CHristina Steinbrecher-Pfand and Andreas Mailath Pokorny

Vita Zaman, Dmitri Aksenov, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfand and Andreas Mailath-Pokorny

Photo by Filip Zieliński

Photo: M. Bernard © Polnisches Institut Wien

Local art collectors such as Edelbert Köb (curator and museum director), lawyer Berhard Hainz, businessman Martin Lenikus, and art collector Franz Wojda as well as Helmut Zambo, Nikolaus Lehner, Walter and Maria Holzer, Roman and Margot Fuchs and Michael Klaar strolled through the booths of the galleries together with international art collectors: Ioannis Christoforakos, Thomas and Ingrid Jocheim, Athens, Recklinghausen and Erno Vroonen, Dietramszell. Ambassadors and politicians such as Maria Fekter, The Federal Minister of Finance, Maia Panjikidze, The Foreign Minister of the Republic of Georgia, Andreas Mailath-Pokorny, the Councilor of Culture and Science of the City of Vienna, Brigitte Jank, The President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, the media publishers Eva Dichand and Oscar Bronner, Gerhard Roiss, general manager of OMV Aktiengesellschaft, and Boris Marte, head of the Innovation Center of Erste Group.

Christina Steinbrecher-Pfand, Magnus Edensvard, Vita Zaman and Christian Rosa

Christina Steinbrecher-Pfand, Magnus Edensvard, Vita Zaman and Christian Rosa

Eugenia Dubinskaya, Tatiana Mironova and Julia Polska

Eugenia Dubinskaya, Tatiana Mironova and Julia Polskaia

Julian Khol


And finally, after the big extravaganza at 10:00 pm, Tony Soprano says: “Closing time, see you tomorrow!”

Photo Credits: ©VIENNAFAIR/Jakob Polacsek; ©VIENNAFAIR/Viktor Boyko; ©VIENNAFAIR/Alexander Schwarzinger; ©VIENNAFAIR/Christian Jungwirth, ©VIENNAFAIR/Kristina Kulakova; © Polnisches Institut Wien/M. Bernard.

One thought on “Art Fair. The Opening

  1. You look stunning! As always …
    Congratulations on the opening of the Fair. Good luck! And thanks for inviting me..
    Could not make it this year, too many art fairs one after another , but we will come next year for sure !
    Marina Ochakoff Fine Art
    Greetings from LA


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