2013 / School of Happiness

The Winner of the School of Happiness Award

We are happy to announce the winner of the School of Happiness Award (international video art competition). The prize of 1000 EUR goes to Michail Michailov from Bulgaria for the video “Just keep on going”.  To watch the video at VIENNAFAIR visit VIENNA Live (booth H24).

“Success and failure of an artist’s career is the central theme of a subtle and self-deprecating performance. I am a very emotional artist with a lot of zick-zack up and downs within a very short time… My aim is to be happy although it includes a lot of sadness…
It also constitutes a critical examination with the fashionable “discovery of young talents”… Winning the prize, of course, makes me very happy, and I hope it helps to make a pig step up the hill :)” – Michail Michailov

Michail Michailov

Michail Michailov

Michail Michailov was born in 1978 in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, and he is currently living and working in Vienna. His work involves different media: painting, objects, photography, and video. Common to all of them is the fact that he always employs his “self”, his “ego”, or his name metaphorically as a synonym in the artwork. Michailov’s way of working is subversive, not only because of his clandestine actions, but mainly because of its symbolism. In his work he explores the place of a young artist in today’s society and thereby relates to existing artworks and their creators.

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