VIENNA Live was series of performances at VIENNAFAIR 2013 that shifted viewers out of their daily routine and enriched their visit at the fair with new exciting emotions. 


Laura, Michael, Florian
Three talented young artists who were just accepted in Florian Reither’s class at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Florian Reither is one of the artists from the outrageous Austrian art collective Gelitin. Laura, Michael, and Florian deal with objects from everyday life and their connection with the notion of “color”. They created a space of interaction where everyone (and everything) is “welcome”. They used colors as a primary, indispensable element, like water or air. Their approach to art is totally direct, no filters.

VIENNA Live: Performance "Any Title"

VIENNA Live: Performance "Any Title"

Anastasia Freygang
At VIENNAFAIR 2013, Anastasia Freygang presented her new site-specific performance | entering sound | on behalf of HIAS Health in the Arts platform.
HIAS researches and promotes methods to enhance human well-being. Though therapeutic design the studio develops multi-sensoric environments including installations and objects. The aim of each project is to deeply benefit the public and their surroundings. HIAS claims that creativity comes with responsibility. Works of art can deviate away from vanity and start having beneficial effect. More info: http://213h.wordpress.com/2013/09/30/entering-sound-in-vienna/.
Video Impression: https://vimeo.com/77430344 

VIENNA Live: Performance "Intus"

“Let’s meet for coffee and see if there is enough chemistry to collaborate”
Ana Prvacki and Magda Tothova
Ana Prvacki and Magda Tothova first met in April 2013 in Los Angeles in the framework of the artist collaboration project make.a.match. They had three meetings, debating over coffee if there was enough chemistry between them to collaborate. At the VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary the trailer of “Let’s meet for coffee and see if there is enough chemistry to collaborate” was presented.

Exercises for Seeing Stars #3
Ella De Burca
Ella de Burca presented her new work “Exercises for Seeing Stars #3”. This is the third performance in the series, in which she asks an actor to do a handstand and perform a text written by the artist specially for each occasion. The performance happened at Messe Wien and worked in conjunction with “Exercises for Seeing Stars #2”, which took place at the same time in Moscow (in the framework of a special project at Moscow Biennale titled “Playing Nature”, curated by Katia Krupennikova). Ella de Burca created a dialogue between the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art and VIENNAFAIR The New Contemporary. A book about both performances will be available in December.

“What’s “Fair”
by Daria Marchik.


“A Russi-Lady in Vienna.

My trip to Vienna was a bit like a Kafka-meets-Cusack-movie. Loads of rooms, some of them open, some closed, endless business-like well-mannered taxi drivers who talk too much, and loads of older folks, scrambled about the fair, sipping champagne. I find that today, where arts meets performance meets art, art is just a metaphor for entertainment.. With that in mind, we return to my eager self, climbing out of the Vienna Airport, Airborne & ready for some adventure.

First day was amazingly pleasant with a visit to the Fair presentation, featuring the curators, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfadt & Vita Zaman, accurately dressed in traditional Bavarian Vs. Kazakh, “East meets West” being the theme of the opening. Olafur Eliasson’s Smoke Installation served as the perfect prop for our shoot.

Daria Marchik and Catherine Borissoff (art director at RuArts Gallery)

Daria Marchik and Catherine Borissoff (art director at RuArts Gallery)

Next Day, my talk at Vienna Fair. A small Fair-Street-Fashion Story featuring visitors from the fair & I. RuArts Gallery from Moscow showed me amazing portraits of Vlad Mamyshev Monroe, Regina gifted me a small piece of art work from their performance by young artists from Moscow.

What I found amazing is that most projects were based on tradition. With the close & personal connection between artists & galleries, a very humane approach of the Fair embraced the Liberal, Loyal, and at times Extravagant Pieces.

Seems that the Older-Wiser-Viennese system became the New & Hip approach for the Art-World Mecca-Nism, with such values replacing vulgar Flashy messages I seem to catch in Russia’s headlines these days.


“What’s Fair, is Fair” in “East meets West”.

– Dariana ‘Grey’,
Yours Truly, the Art Spy.”

All images made by Alexander Schwarzinger

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