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Moscow Minimal. “Details” – A Home Exhibition by Dima Hunzelweg and Ksenia Voeykova

Minimal art is not necessarily the first thing that comes to one´s mind when reflecting upon the Moscow Art Scene. Nevertheless, having returned from the US, Dima Hunzelweg has been exploring this artistic field for now more than five years. Together with his friend photo artist Ksenia Voeykova they presented their first personal show in my apartment and one of the many Moscow off spaces.




Perfection is a central value in the minimal art of Dima Hunzelweg, perfection in the forms of Dima Hunzelweg´s minimalist compositions, perfection in the proportions of the works and perfection in the execution. What might appear from far as computer generated or produced with high-tech support is realized by hand with classic artistic materials and simple tools. At the same time the artistic achievements of Dima Hunzelweg go further than purely technical perfection and perfect forms: the artist´s compositions are characterized by a delicate and sensitive beauty that gives Dima Hunzelweg´s art a very specific position within the tradition of Minimalist Art.

Ksenia Voeykova dedicated a part of her work to photographing Dima´s works and using them as the basis for her own photographic works.



A special view on Dima’s works is presented by Moscow photographer Ksenia Voeykova. Their collaboration at the junction of art and photography has been going on for almost half a year. Dima’s perfect compositions appear before the audience through the lens of the photographer. The aesthetic of Minimal Art is most congenial to Ksenia’s work. With her camera Ksenia transforms the surrounding reality into geometric shapes, repetitive structures, and abstract textures.

Dima Hunzelweg

Dima Hunzelweg

Dima Hunzelweg
Born in Moscow in 1968
1991–2007 lived and worked in New York (USA). Currently lives and works in Moscow.
Active in the field of concrete art, hard-edge abstract, minimalism, geometric abstract art-paintings, drawings, sculpture, objects, installation

Ksenia Voeykova
Born in Moscow in 1980
Active in the field of minimalist, architectural, and abstract photography.

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