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Welcome Natalia Fuchs!

We have one new blogger from Moscow. Natalia Fuchs is interdisciplinary projects curator at the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow, Russia. The new “Polytech.Science.Art” program she’s curating is dedicated to science, art & technology; cross-disciplinary platform to be developed via workshops, lectures, exhibitions, live events, conferences and art-residency.

She is the graduate of the University of Manchester, UK (Cultural Management, 2008) and MA candidate at the History of Media Arts program of Donau-Universität (low-residence, Austria). In 2009-2011 Natalia was related to MediaArtLab and Media Forum — the special program of the Moscow International Film festival dedicated to media arts, experimental films and digital context with more than 10 years history. During two years of her stay in Vienna in 2011-2013 she was part of the sound:frame Festival team and VIENNAFAIR. As a researcher and practitioner, she works in a variety of topics and participates in different international projects focused on contemporary culture, digital arts, cinema and sound. We are glad to have her on board!

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