VIENNAFAIR 2014 (organized by VF Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) pays special attention to families’ creativity by stimulating their children’s involvement in art. Once again it presents a special section at the fair: VIENNA Family – where children aged two years and above have the chance to have fun painting in an open studio.

The VIENNA Family booth is open on the weekend (October 4 and 5) from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm – Join in at any time!

We talked to VIENNA Family organizer Ulrich Jordis about the program and other activities for children in Vienna.

What is the program of VIENNA Family?
VIENNA Family provides a sheltered space for children to engage in “formulation”, a concept pioneered by Arno Stern, who created the “Malraum”. It is based on experience gathered in two Viennese primary schools – Schmetterlingsschule and Haebergasse. The children are given vivid gouache colors, brushes, and paper. Then the formulations will be photographed, and the originals can be taken home by the creators. I am also curious about the juxtaposition of these formulations with the exhibits at VIENNAFAIR!

Vienna is a very kids-friendly city. Could you highlight some of the art initiatives for families?
The many activities of the Zoom Museum, the TU Mitmachlabor, as well as the Kinderbusinessweek come to my mind. You might argue that the last two are not “art” initiatives, however I see art in all creative activities, and the joy of doing creative experiments is part of my DNA.

What are the best places to go with a child to experience contemporary art in Vienna?
Almost every museum now offers activities for children – I would mention the family workshops of the Essl Museum as an example. What is still missing are galleries for children in this context! I would wish for an initiative similar to “GEMMAKUN?TSCHAUN”, pioneered by Edith Eva Kapeller in Villach, also for Vienna!


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