Amir Shariat

Amir Shariat

Amir Shariat

Amir Shariat is a former investment banker and corporate finance advisor who is now devoting his career to the art world. Amir bought his first artwork at the age of 14 in Vienna with the help of his dealer father and has been a voracious collector ever since. He started curating last year with his debut show at Leila Heller Gallery in New York (Bass!How Low can You Go?). He curated a solo booth for Arndt Berlin at abc berlin in September 2014 and will open his first pop up show in his hometown of Vienna entitled Eye Know showcasing young American and Austrian artists.His expertise in unearthing young talents and rediscovering older ones such as the Italian Zero Group is well known. He has been a patron of the Tate, ICA, Artangel, Parasol Unit and Camden Arts Centre amongst others and regularly donates artworks to charities.

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