2014 / Collecting / _Video

Collectors Talks with Venke and Rolf A. Hoff. Video

Watch the video of the Collectors Talk with Venke and Rolf A. Hoff, which was held at VIENNAFAIR 2014.

Rainald Schumacher in conversation with Venke & Rolf A. Hoff – Collectors, KaviarFactory, Oslo&Lofoten/Norway

What is Art? What answer might we get if we leave the urban centers behind and move to the borders of the so similarily organized life in the global village? If we move to Lofoten, in the north of Norway, where nature can so openly unfold her powerful presence and strength? What happens when art and artists leave the field of hip openings, of VIP receptions and parties behind them and move to some kind of monasterial rest and remoteness? Does art there concentrate on its intrinsic mission? Does the glittering coat of soaring prices fall off and does it become visible, is there still some real meaning behind the golden surface?
That there might be a chance for an experience of real importance?
What has two collectors moved to go to the edge of the world and what happens there with art? That is exactly, what we want to ask Venke & Rolf A. Hoff.


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