vienna weekly

Vienna Weekly | 06.04 – 12.04

Don’t miss in Vienna this week:

Saskia Te Nicklin

Saskia Te Nicklin


Exhibition opening: Paul Horn at Knoll Galerie Wien | 19:00 | Gumpendorfer Straße 18, 1060


Exhibition opening: Fabrizio Plessi at Mario Mauroner Vienna | 19:00 | Weihburgggasse 26, 1010

Exhibition opening: Saskia Te Nicklin at Galerie nächst St. Stephan | 19:00 | Grünangerg. 1/2, 1010

Exhibition opening: Manfred Hubmann & Ludwig-Heinrich Jungnickel at One Work Gallery  | 19:00 | Getreidemarkt 11/3, 1060


Festival: soundframe  | | 09.04.–17.04.2015 |

Conference: Curatorial Ethics at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz | 09.04-11.04.2015 |
The verb ‘curate’ derives from the Latin curare and means to attend to something and thus also to take responsibility – for an exhibition, for the participating artists, for the works etc. In the business world the code of ethics, which defines what is legitimate and what is not, is becoming ever more important. In the curatorial field too, important parameters have been shifting in recent years. We have seen subtle but lasting changes in the relationship between public and private collections, together with the handling of the latter, in the relationship between the institutional art establishment and the art market, and finally in the relationship between curators and artists.

Exhibition opening: Bilder von Straßen und Wolken at Galerie Heike Curtze | 19:00 | Seilerstätte 15/16, 1010

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