Tracey Emin | Egon Schiele at Leopold Museum

Leopold Museum presented the first comprehensive exhibition in Vienna featuring more than 80 works by the British artist Tracey Emin


Tracey Emin’s interest in the masters of Modernism, and first and foremost in Egon Schiele, has an influence on her paintings, monoprints and drawings that is not to be underestimated. Using Expressionist elements and themes, her works address complex personal issues and concepts
of self-portrayal. The juxtaposition of Tracey Emin’s works with those of Egon Schiele exposes similarities in the artistic aspirations of both artists and allows for a new visual experience.

Egon Shiele, Tracey Emin | Leopold museum , Photo: Kristina Kulakova

Tracey Emin | Leopold museum , Photo: Kristina Kulakova

Tracey Emin on Egon Schiele 

I first came across Egon Schiele’s work when I was a teenager. I was totally fixated by David Bowie’s album covers ‘Lodger’ and ‘Heroes’, and my boyfriend at the time told me that they were being influenced by the artist Egon Schiele.

A lot of other art that I had been exposed to up until this point was about artists looking at other things and other people. Egon Schiele appeared to be intensely looking at himself emotionally as well as physically. It was like his physical being was pulsating.






Tracey Emin on preparation for the exhibition

“100 years ago this young man was sitting there, painting, looking at the gouache and maybe thinking about the next brush stroke… And I was thinking: I wonder if this work resinates and still has the power of the artist within it. I wonder if heart of the artist can still come through. I wonder if he knows that I am here thinking this. I wonder if he is aware that we are showing his work in a completely different way in a way in which he’s never been shown before. I wonder if he is in agreement. I wonder if he is angry. And it’s been really not what I expected. I expected me to be not so romantic about it. It’s almost like, you know, talking to the dead and and believing that you can hear them, it’s been really a beautiful experience.”


Tracey Emin | Leopold museum , Photo: Kristina Kulakova



 Egon Schiele| Tracey Emin | Leopold museum , Photo: Kristina Kulakova




Tracey Emin | Egon Schiele
Where I Want to Go
24th April 2015 to 14th September 2015

Leopold Museum-Privatstiftung
MQ Wien, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

Opening Times

Daily: 10am to 6pm
Thursdays: 10am to 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays

June, July, August: open daily!

All photographs: (c) Kristina Kulakova for #viennacontemporaryMag

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