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Roman Fuchs | Collector

‘Without a collector there is no gallery, there is no artist, there is no art scene.’ – In the video landscape designer Roman Fuchs talks about his art collection and shows Villa Fuchs — a 1350 square meter residency with a sculpture park, where he lives with his wife, six children and numerous works of art.

Roman and Margo Fuchs started building their collection thirty years ago and now it consist of about 1000 pieces by Austrian and international artists like Fabian Seiz, Erwin Wurm, Lisa Ruyter, Alex Katz, Lawrence Weiner, Sigmar Polke, Franz West, Gelitin, Marina Abramović, Cosima von Bonin and more. Being passionate collectors they often buy works immediately, although Roman says it is not always easy to choose an artwork which both spouses would like equally, so they have to compromise. ‘There was one piece, which was really hard  for me to bring into our collection. I could’t tell my wife about the purchase, because when I said I am interested in it, she said: ‘no, it’s not possible, don’t take this piece, I don’t like it’. But I bought it anyways… There was a little war when the piece arrived.’

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