vienna weekly

Vienna Weekly | 31.08-6.07

Don’t miss Ars Electronica festival in Linz (only 2 hours away from Vienna) and check out openings in Vienna this week.


  • September 2, WEDNESDAY

Exhibition opening: mischer`traxler and a group show ‘The Way We Live’ at Kunst Haus Wien | 19:00 | Untere Weißgerberstraße 13, 1030

  • September 3, THURSDAY 

Exhibition opening: Lyonel Feininger and Alfred Kubin at Albertina | 18:30 | Albertinaplatz 1,1010

Exhibition opening: ‘body interference’ and ‘Brennende Fragen’ at Kunstlerhaus | 18:30 | Karlsplatz 5,1010

Festival : Ars Electronica | September 3-7 | Ars Electronica, 4040 Linz

Photo: Second Body / Anarchy Dance Theatre X Ultra Combos (TW)
The present work starts from establishing the presence of the body, while learning the structure of the natural body through setting up knowledge of the body itself. In addition, the knowledge of the structure of exercise is used to represent what we know of our own first bodies in the moment. Afterwards, afully functional body starts to build up, then change the environment for itself. Gradually, the environment starts to change the body as well. The following section is a 360º full body-length projection that enters the picture to create a non-natural second body, which creates an experience of movementdistinct from the movements of the first body.
credit: Ching-Ju Cheng

Featured photo: VIUNAP / Nick Ervinck (BE)
The EGATONK project was developed for the exhibition Horizon 8300 in Knokke, promoting new architecture for this Belgian seaside town.Nick Ervinck was invited to contribute an artwork to the exhibition. As a starting point Nick Ervinck uses traditional cottages, which he turns into absurd buildings. The cottages become figures with connotations to crabs and other sea animals that walk along the beach, resembling the impossible structures in the engravings of the mathematician Escher (1898-1972). credit: Peter Verplancke

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