2015 / CEE Monthly

viennacontemporary 2015 | Creative Moscow

At viennacontemporary Aksenov Family Foundation presents three Russian art institutions: GROUND, Manege & Media ArtLab, and the Praktika Theatre.

Praktika Theatre | Booth C28

Praktika is a theatre of contemporary drama. It is a unique place that attracts an audience who don’t usually go to theaters and don’t even like to. Praktika Theatre is a statement about today. Praktika was founded in 2005 and located in the centre of Moscow near Patriarshie Ponds. Over the last 10 years many performances were staged, which influenced modern theatre and drama in many ways. Besides the performances theatre organizes exhibitions, yoga and training sessions, discussions and poetry readings. Praktika Theatre is focused on searching for new themes and subjects, modern language and new theatre style. Text plays the main role in the theatre. There were staged plays by Yuri Klavdiev, German Grekov, Ivan Vyrypaev, Mikhail Ugarov, Pavel Pryzhko, Joel Pomra, Volker Schmidt and others.

GROUND | Booth C30

GROUND is the new non-commercial cultural project in the north-west of Moscow: two galleries, united by the curatorial team and common mission. GROUND is a part of State Moscow City Galleries Network and presents exhibitions, concerts and educational programs. GROUND is a living experiment, focused on cross-disciplinary projects related to contemporary visual art in symbiosis with theatre, music and literature, as well as projects created at the intersection of art and technology.

Katya Bochavar, the curator of GROUND, works in all areas of artistic activity since 2008, specializing in site-specific installation.

At viennacontemporary 2015 will be presented the “GROUNDING|ZAZEMLENIE”. This project is an attempt of GROUND as a cultural institution to become a part of the local community, to understand the specifics of the environment, to discover the sources of power of this community and make its activities meaningful in terms of communication with the territory.

Media Art Lab/Manege | C32

Centre for art and culture MediaArtLab was founded as an independent organisation in 1999 with the intention to develop interdisciplinary projects in the art of new technologies and media culture. For the past 16 years MediaArtLab conducted educational programs, as well as numerous large-scale exhibitions all-over Russia. In 2012 MediaArtLab became a partner of MEA Manege – museum association which includes 6 exhibition spaces in Moscow. Together Manege and MediaArtLab had organised more than 30 exhibitions and special programs. The list of the main projects includes: Media Forum of the Moscow International Film Festival, International symposium for media culture “Pro&Contra”,  educational program «Projections of the Avant-Garde», Open school MANEGE/MediaArtLab and many others. At the viennacontamporary Manege and MediaArtLab will present the “Great Expectations” project – an unique platform for Russian young talents development created together with the Triumph gallery.

Aksenov Family Foundation is a dynamic platform which fosters cultural and social innovation. We believe in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary dialog, and support initiatives aimed to improve and elevate the collective urban condition through cultural and artistic initiatives.

An essential part of our work is reconsideration and permanent research of scope and boundaries of the culture sector, as well as the elaboration of systems in order to evaluate the special social contribution of contemporary art and culture. We also chronicle contemporary interpretation of art by developing an art collection, focusing on narratives shared by Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.

We are happy to contribute to viennacontemporary, a leading art fair for CEE
and a unique hub for art professionals across the globe. In fulfilling its mission, Aksenov Family Foundation supports presentation of Russian cultural institutions at the fair, talks on contemporary culture and urban development.

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