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viennacontemporary 2015 | after hours

This year viennacontemporary is pleased to invite you to the official hangout place for art lovers at HEUER am Karlsplatz. Gallerists, collectors, curators and artists will host you every evening with musical performances and create a fusion of the local art scene and the culinary hot spot. Eat, drink, mingle and dance!

WEDNESDAY, 23 September 

Tjorg Douglas Beer  | Kourosh Nouri | Philip Müller

Tjorg Douglas Beer  | Artist
Music and lyrics as well as the whole world influence Beer`s Art. The set will open with a Small Faces Song called Itchycoo Park which delivers the title for a recent series of Beer´s collages made from broken mirrors. Tjorg will play a selection of his studio playlist, including Yusuf Islam ‘Peace Train’, Led Zeppelin ‘Immigrant Song’, Eric Burdon & War ‘Tobacco Road’, N.W.A. ‘Express Yourself, Tobias Bernstrup ‘Neon Love’.

Kourosh Nouri | Founding Director of Carbon 12 and a virgin DJ
‘Shake your hips, and move your chins up and down…’
Re-visiting some classics, maybe not the best known songs from the 60’s and 70’s but those pearls hard to find, some other better known… and come back to our time and play some contemporary pop and rock from this century.

Philip Müller | Artist
With an education from the University of Applied Arts (Vienna), emerging artist Philip Mueller’s cacophonous large scale paintings fill the space with intense colour and form manipulation reveal narratives that perplex, entertain and entice with references too near to familiarity to ignore in his exhibitions. He has been djing private and at places like blue lagoon, the track he will definitly play is: dj koze “40 love”, together with a random selection of Philip Mueller’s favorites.

THURSDAY, 24 September 

Severin Dünser| Felix Gaudlitz | Amir Shariat

Amir Shariat | Art collector, Curator, and Art Advisor
Amir will play some Rap music. He was a performer himself 20-25 years back, but But he has never DJed to date.  Some of the tracks from his playlist: Public Enemy ‘Fight the Power’, Paris – ‘Break the Grip of Shame’, A Tribe Called Quest – ‘I Left my Wallet in El Segundo’, Above the Law – ‘Untouchable’, LL Cool J – ‘Mama said knock you out’, NAS – ‘The Message’.

Severin Dünser | Curator at 21er Haus
Severin Dünser lives and works in Vienna as a curator of contemporary art at the 21er Haus. In 2009 he incorporated the Kunstverein COCO with Christian Kobald, which will be continued on a project basis since 2012. Previously, he conducted the Project Space of Galerie Krinzinger, curated exhibitions at home and abroad and wrote for Spike Magazine.
He is a frequent DJ at the 21er Haus after parties and other occasions. Severin will play some tracks from Hot Chip to Nicki Minaj, whatever the situation demands. A must track for him is“Black Ballerina” by Ariel Pink.

Felix Gaudlitz | Gallery Director
Felix Gaudlitz lives and works in Vienna, where he works as director at Emanuel Layr and runs his publishing house ‚saxpublishers’ together with Alexander Nussbaumer.
This will be not his first dj set, Felix played on several art parties and in various clubs. You can expect  Ambient, Experimental, Techno, and Industrial music.

FRIDAY, 25 September 

  Katharina Senn & Alex Ruthner | Terror+Martina | Salvatore Viviano

Katharina Senn | Freelance Curator and Video Artist
Alex Ruthner | Artis
It will be a surprise set, but to get in the mood listen to this:

Salvatore | Artist, Art Dealer, Model, Actor, Socialite, Muse, Anthropologist and Megalomaniac.
He loves to be a DJ and doing it for more than 15 years. Salvatore started in Paris where he created a party against the Fashion Week (Fuck La Fashion), where people had to dress really ugly to get in. It was at Les Bains Douches.
His DJ sets are basically performances, but in reality they are just a hysterical mess: Rihanna in conversation with Vivaldi and Ella Fitzgerald. And Madonna with herself.

Terror+Martina  | DJ Duo
The DJ Duo Terror+Martina was founded after ten years of passive club experience, because girls wanted to rock the decks by themselves. There have to be more female DJanes in the electronical music scene! The first official DJing for them was this summer at the donaukanal. These days Therese (Terror) is totally into the project ‘Business riots’ of the Viennese female network sorority. Martina is part of the sorority committee too and in the exhibition management of the MAK. At the viennacontemporary after hours they are going to play deep house with big disco vibes.’

HEUER | Treitlstr. 2, 1040 Vienna
Right in the center of Vienna is where we combine modern and classic, future and tradition, sensuality and pleasure. Experience the city’s vibrant movement and enjoy autumn in Vienna in the city’s first show garden for urban farming, operated by Verein Karlsgarten. A thriving and prospering environment – welcome to HEUER at Karlsplatz – the “daily hangout place” of viennacontemporary.
Breakfast, lunch, in-house coffee roasters, home-made lemonade and our shelf with pickled goodies, exquisite wine and champagne selection, dinner, cocktails, party – indulge at HEUER any time of the day. A place of exchange for art lovers during viennacontemporary!
At the RESTAURANT, your senses will be culinarily captivated by chef-de-cuisine Peter Fallenbügl. Smoked, fermented or preserved specialties as well as the city’s best steaks are all prepared in a way to meet the highest possible standards.
At the BAR, chief bartender Bert Jachmann completes the culinary program: home-made liqueurs and pickled delicacies are all mixed and shaken up – with a strong focus on regional products.
During viennacontemporary, HEUER will not only serve as a “daily hangout place”, but also be the culinary contact point for VIP Guests.

We look forward to receiving your bookings at heuer@viennacontemporary.at

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