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Contemporary Vienna | Curator Lilli Hollein

Vienna Design Week founder Lilli Hollein talks about her Christmas rituals and shows where one can find a well designed object. Best ideas for last minute present shopping! 

Watch the third video about contemporary Vienna focused on experiencing the city through the eyes of a local citizen. We explore it with curators, artists, architects, theater directors, photographers, art collectors and other creatives, who live in Vienna.

During the interview for this little film we also talked about Christmas and rituals. Lilli confessed she is decorating the table pretty much the same way every year not only because of her daughter (and we all know how children hate when you change something), but also because she loves to add to collection of Christmas ornaments, which her mother started. Another tradition of their family is to go to the Stephansdom in the morning of December 24th and climb up almost four hundred stairs, which she says is a beautiful experience. Another thing Lilli does despite it being a nightmare on a Christmas eve: queuing up for sweets at Demel, an excellent patisserie in the inner city of Vienna.

In the video you saw legendary Café Engländer, where Lilli always stops for espresso, then we visited the Jeweler A.E.Köchert. The old established business enterprise was founded in 1814 and for more than 200 years has been making costly and prestigious jewelry in consummate handicraft– ranging from classical to contemporary design. During the last edition of Vienna Design Week the former imperial and royal jeweler to the Habsburg Court and inventor of the famous Sisi stars opened up its workshop to an Austrian designer who has returned to Vienna from London, Klemens Schillinger. Inspired by a run-up talk with Wolfgang Köchert, Schillinger decided to devote his attention to the fineness of gold and the gold rate. By means of jewelry of various sizes the designer demonstrated the fluctuations of the price of gold during the last fifty years.

We then went to Ganz Neue Galeriea space for experimental aesthetic creativity. It sees the genre designations of “art” and “design” as restrictive and outdated. Instead, it aligns itself on formations such as Russian constructivism and the De Stijl and Memphis movements. The core of their activities consists in the presentation of three annual collections by the Ganz Neue Gruppe founded by breadedEscalope, chmara.rosinke and Patrick Rampelotto. In addition, designers – mainly from East and Central Europe – are invited at regular intervals to present their works. Regular evening events focus on historical and contemporary phenomena and trends in design.

Our final stop was at the Interio showroom, where one can see New Austrian Design. For this project, Lilli Hollein invited six Austrian designers to create a total of twelve pieces of furniture for a collection produced in Austria. This has resulted in unique design products with roots in the Austrian tradition: the reinterpretation of the rustic cupboard – the Bauernschrank. The table and the bench. The time-revered sideboard. The sofa. The coat rack. The bed and bureau. All these are things that make our houses into individual homes.

Watch the first episode of #contemporaryvienna series with Architect Ana Barros here.

And the second episode with Art Collector Amir Shariat here.

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