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Art Collectors Ingrid and Thomas Jochheim | Video

“There are some 200 art fairs in the world today. Including the travel, I could spend every day showing up at some fair. We don’t do that. It has almost become too much. But where we go to every year is Vienna. It’s not only about the fair, but also about the city, and the people. We’re just enjoying it!”
Thomas Jochheim

viennacontemporary Ambassadors Ingrid and Thomas Jochheim began to collect art shortly before they got married about forty years ago. Since then their international collection grew over 600 pieces and includes works by artists like Frank Stella, Jonathan Meese, Christo, Erwin Wurm, Olga Chernysheva and many more. In this video collectors show their Berlin apartment, visit Blain|Southern gallery and talk about their relationships with art and artists.

Ingrid and Thomas became interested in art from Middle East five years ago during a visit to Dubai, where they were invited by a collector friend. They bought their first piece by an Iranian artist at viennacontemporary and it was there, where they discovered and got faschinated by art from Eastern Europe. Over the years it became an important part of their collection.

To find out more about the collection of Ingrid and Thomas Jochheim watch their talk at viennacontemporary 2015.

We would like to thank Lindner Hotels for their kind support in Berlin.

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