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donaufestival 2016: what not to miss

On two weekends between April 27 and May 7 underground culture enthusiasts pilgrimage to Krems an der Donau to see what’s new in performative arts and contemporary music. Here’s what to check out at the upcoming edition.Saint Genet_ Who With Their Fear Is Put Beside Their Part. Installation

Installation/ performance: Ryan Mitchell, Ben Zamora and Casey Curran
| 13.03.-19.04. | Kunsthalle Krems, Franz-Zeller-Platz 3, 3500 Krems

An expansive installation by Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell, installation artist Ben Zamora, and kinetic sculptor Casey Curran sets the stage for Seattle-based performance collective Saint Genet. Mitchell’s performance piece “Frail Affinities” is a migratory drama about a 19th century American family trapped in the snowy Sierra Nevada Mountains. Performances take place at varying times on all festival days.

Performance/ theater: God’s Entertainment | all festival days |Halle 1, Utzstraße 12, 3500 Krems

“Is Europe any different?” asks Viennese performance group God’s Entertainment in their new, provocative theater piece “NOBODY INVITED YOU”, shining a light on fear and self-perception in Europe during the refugee crisis.
C_God's Entertainment_ Niemand hat euch eingeladen

Concert: Omar Souleyman | 29.04., 1:00| Stadtsaal Utzstraße 12, 3500 Krems
Syrian wedding singer come electronic music star Omar Souleyman returns to donaufestival with his modern fusion of traditional Dabke music and modern electronica.

DJ Set: Fatima Al Qadiri | 30.04., 00:30 | Stadtsaal, Utzstraße 12, 3500 Krems
Musician and visual artist Fatima Al Qadiri always inscribes sociopolitical subtext in her work. Her new record “BRUTE“ explores the themes of authority and protest worldwide, contemporary issues in her adopted home in the US tie into childhood experiences in Kuwait.
C_Omar Souleyman

Installation/ music: Station Rose | 07.05., 16:00, 17:00 & 19:00 | Klangraum Krems Minoritenkirche, Minoritenplatz 5, 3500 Krems
Austrian techno and digital culture pioneers Station Rose will transform the Minorite Church into a multimedia chamber of wonders and perform recent audio-visual compositions, which have been created exclusively for donaufestival.

Concert/ DJ Set: Tim Hecker, Pantha du Prince, DJ Koze | 07.05., 20:30 | E Messegelände, Utzstraße 12, 3500 Krems
Let your mind drift to the ambient tunes of minimalist mastermind Tim Hecker, then dance the night away at concerts of eclectic Pantha du Prince, presenting his new album The Triad, and electronic music heavyweight DJ Koze.

Esther Stocker_weil die Zukunft der Imagination keinen Widerstand leisten kann (Elena Esposito)_2016_02

Art/ exhibition | all festival days | Kunsthalle Krems, Franz-Zeller-Platz 3 & Galerie Stadtpark, Josef-Wichnerstrasse 2, 3500 Krems
Use your time in Krems and your donaufestival ticket to see current exhibitions, like Peter Tscherkassky at Galerie Stadtpark or multi-artist show ABSTRACT – SPATIAL at Kunsthalle Krems.

See more info and full program here.

1. Saint Genet – Who With Their Fear Is Put Beside Their Part – Installation – ©Oliver Ottenschläger
2. God’s Entertainment – Niemand hat euch eingeladen – ©Rolf Arnold
3. Omar Souleyman – ©Flavien Prioreau
4. Esther Stocker – weil die Zukunft der Imagination keinen Widerstand leisten kann (Elena Esposito) – exhibition view: Abstract-Spacial- ©Oliver Ottenschläger
5. Frontpage: donaufestival 2015 – ©David Visnjic

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