Wolfgang Tillmans at Galerie Buchholz

Wolfgang Tillmans at Galerie Buchholz

Wolfgang Tillmans at Galerie Buchholz

In “Studio”, his twelfth solo exhibition at Galerie Buchholz, Wolfgang Tillmans thematizes his place of production. The artist’s studio, a classic trope from art history, here takes the form of an inventory, not a peek behind the scenes but an attempt to create a cartographical representation of what this space and its constituents mean to Wolfgang Tillmans. The studio’s role as a complex entity or apparatus that is itself generative reflects back into the production.
“Studio” suggests a spectrum of designations: a photographic darkroom, a place for manual production, a viewing space where artworks are hung and seen (for the first time, but also revisited or viewed over a duration), a testing ground to place works in different configurations; a model room for developing projects; a social space in which different practices are carried out in immediate proximity to one another; and an archive in which the history of the artist’s own work, and its present, are managed, engaged with, and housed.
As the place where he spends the majority of his time, the studio inevitably bears the signature of the artist’s inclinations, his daily routine, and the people who surround him. It is a space in which on-going work projects develop and leave visible traces.

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