Hiwa K

Hiwa K at KOW

Hiwa K at KOW

Iraqi-born Hiwa K presents his first ever exhibition in Germany. His installation “It’s Spring and the Weather is Great so Let’s Close All Object Matters” was originally commissioned by the Serpentine Gallery in 2010 and proposed by the artist for the Speaker’s Corner in London – a place commonly associated with the idea of freedom of speech. Hiwa K’s video “This Lemon Tastes of Apple” (2011) documents an intervention undertaken by the artist in Sulaimani, Kurdistan-Northern Iraq, during one of the last days of the civil protest, which was the culmination of a two month-long struggle. “Moon Calendar” documents the rehearsals for an unrealized performance at the Red Security building in Amna Suraka – one of the jails where Saddam Hussein detained political prisoners.

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