Adriano Costa at Supportico Lopez

Adriano Costa at Supportico Lopez

Adriano Costa at Supportico Lopez

The word “caipira” in Portuguese is a sometimes derogative term for the inhabitants, dialects and cultural manifestations of the southern states of Brazil, and in general a designation applied the rural areas of the state of Sao Paulo, far from the metropolis where the artist resides. The Brazilian artist Adriano Costa reappropriates the word to coin a new one for the title of his first solo exhibition with the gallery: “STORYTELLINGCAIPIRA.”

On the one hand, the stories that Costa conveys within his art avoid the carefully pre-designed and conceptualisation of the artwork. On the other hand, Costa attempts to push the boundaries of narration by reflecting on the storytelling practices of marketing, for instance, which is to a large extent based on lies and deception. This dichotomy can be directly seen in his use of industrial materials alongside perishable ones. Costa’s method is impulsive and rhythmic. Through his use of popular iconography, he lets advertising strategies meld into the realm of the symbolic. He refers to a common understanding of the art system, all of what is taken for granted, and, by employing varying elements, Costa seems to reflect on the uncertain positioning of the work of art. By asserting that art can be either a decorative object or the subject of financial speculation, the final destination of the artwork is an essential part of it.

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