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ZONE1: 2013 | Where are they now?

We caught up with some of the artist who were presented in the 2013 edition of ZONE1, viennacontemporary’s emerging artist format: Andrew Mezvinsky, Nestor Kovachev and Gudrun Kampl.

ZONE1 gives galleries the chance to showcase young and emerging talent in solo presentations at viennacontemporary and is made possible with the kind support of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Gudrun Kampl | Galerie Steinek
Current show: ORNAMENT oder VERBRECHEN, Galerie Steinek, Vienna, 27.4. -1.6.2016
Current group show: Body & Soul, Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg, 06.04. – 30.06.2016
13064490_1063116320422999_2630707412157954487_oIn 2013, the artist went by her full name Gudrun Kampl, but has since separated from the last part. This step was taken in connection with continuing controversies about her politician father of the same name. She has since presented artwork under the pseydonym Gudrun xxx or just Gudrun, wanting to be recognized primarily via her art.

The Maria Lassnig scolar is most recognized for her textile sculptures. Gudrun’s pieces, often crafted out of velvet or silk, have become part of the Essl Collection and STRABAG Artcollection. For the 2014 edition of Warsaw Gallery Weekend, she created solo exhibition Skin for Polish gallery Propaganda, dealing with the discrepancies of inside and outside, both in bodies and the world in general, with her characteristic velvet sculptures.steinek_id_kampl_0898_Kunstoff_Feud 0In her current show at Galerie Steinek, ORNAMENT oder VERBRECHEN (Ornament or Crime), Gudrun ironically looks into the subject of Baroque patterns and materials, based on modernist architect Adolf Loos’ idea that the ornamentation of every-day objects is superfluous and dated.

Andrew M Mezvinsky | Galerie Ernst Hilger
Current publication: Nabucco’s Hubris, artist book, Hilger Editions
Upcoming show: A GOOD DAY, Los Angeles Museum of Holocaust, date tba
16005-37“It was good to see responses to my animation style. I felt people appreciated my work, and it got me on the radar of some institutions”, Andrew Mezvinsky remembers his ZONE1 experience. He was happy to report that by now, all the pieces from the 2013 presentation have been placed, among others, in the collections of the Artist Pension Trust, law firm CMS and Simon Mraz, head of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Moscow.

In Winter 2013, Vienna’s Jewish Museum presented Mezvinsky’s well-received show A GOOD DAY, in which he processes Auschwitz-survivor Primo Levi’s description of spring coming to the concentration camp. This exhibition has since been shown in Austrian Cultural Fora in New York and Washington, and is soon to appear at the Los Angeles Museum of Holocaust. The American artist, now representing Austria in his homeland, finds this both honoring and “hilarious”.mezvisnkyPhiladelphia-born Mezvinsky now lives primarily in Vienna. Artistically, he has focused on animation and video art, also developing an interest in theatre. One of his recent works, video animation “Finding Frida” was presented at NSU Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as part of an exhibition about Kahlo and Mexican Modern Art.

Nestor Kovachev | Galerie Heike Curtze
Recent Show: Potemkin, The House of Cinema (Dom Kino), Moscow, 2016
Upcoming group show at the Korean Cultural Center, Brussels, July 7 – August 20, 2016
kovachev-portr_gross Since 2013, Nestor Kovachev has been very active both in Austria and internationally. He returned to viennacontempory in 2015 with a solo show with Galerie Heike Curtze as well as a part of Focus Bulgaria (link). The artist spent time in residencies at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea in Seoul and at CCA Andratx – Contemporary Art Center on Mallorca, Spain.

In his native Bulgaria, Kovachev’s works appeard in shows at gallery SARIEV Contemporary, Plovdiv, Gallery Raiko Alexsiev, Sofia, and the National Palace of Culture, Sofia. For 2015 solo show Once Upon a Time and very good time at BulArt Gallery, Varna, he created a drawing series inspired by James Joyce’s book A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Some of his work has become part of the Gaudenz B. Ruf Collection of Contemporary Bulgarian Art, and Kovachev was shortlisted for BAZA Award for Contemporary Art in 2014.

While mostly using drawing and collage as a means of artistic expression, Kovachev also has been active as a photographer, showcasing his work among others at Wittgenstein House, the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Vienna. A drawing series inspired by Sergei Eisenstein’s silent film classic Battleship Potempkin, originally shown at Galerie Heike Curtze in Vienna, has been the basis for solo shows at The Richard J. Massey Foundation For Arts and Sciences, New York (2015) and at Dom Kino, Moscow, 2016.



22-25 September 2016

Marx Halle Vienna


1. Gudrun Kampl, April 2016, Galerie Steinek – ©Olivia Silhavy
2. Gudrun Kampl: Freud, 2015 – ©Tachdjian / Galerie Steinek1
3. Andrew Mezvinsky at ACF Wahington, DC – ©Wien Tourismus/Peter Cutts
4. Andrew Mezvisky: Istallation view of A GOOD DAY, courtesy of the artist
5. Nestor Kovachev, © Landes-Medienzentrum Multimedia
6. Nestor Kovachev: Hitchcock is German, 2014 – image courtesy of the artist

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