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ZONE1: 2014 | Where are they now?

We’ve caught up with some promising artist from viennacontemporary’s 2014 edition of ZONE1: Tina Lechner, Lukas Troberg, and Julia Haller.

Tina Lechner | Galerie Hubert Winter
Current show (group): Allure [Fr. style, elegance]. Photographs from the Susanne von Meiss Collection, C/O Berlin, 28.05. – 04.09.2016
Upcoming show: Sotheby´s Artist Quarterly presents Tina Lechner, Sotheby’s, Vienna, tba/September

Tina Lechner’s 2014 presentation finished with an almost sold-out booth and a growing interest in her reduced, grey-shaded photographs. In the following months, her artworks were acquired by Austrian institutions Albertina, Belvedere and Landessammlung Niederösterreich, as well as HYPO NOE and Bank Austria art collections, and have been scooped up by private collectors Bernhard Hainz and Susanne von Meiss.

The ZONE1 show “opened many doors for me,” recalls Lechner, “and it gave me the feeling that my images are regarded with interest by a bigger audience.” Galerie Hubert Winter director Melanie Wagner is happy for the young artist’s success, but says the presentation in 2014 was just “a starting point to positioning her globally.” The gallery has been subsequently taking Lechner’s artworks to fairs like Art Basel Hong Kong and ART021 in Shanghai. Tina Lechner’s photographs were recently shown aside two other contemporary Austrian positions at the Muzeul de Arta in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She was also included in Kunsthalle Wien’s Destination Vienna 2015, an exhibition comprehensively portraying Vienna’s contemporary art scene.

Still using classic analog photography techniques – like gelatin silver printing and solarization –  and female subjects, the artist has moved away from images mostly dominated by heads. “I now focus on more complex costumes, more complex views of the body,” explains Lechner, and hints that she’s working on a big upcoming photoshoot with more intricate props.

Lukas Troberg | Galerie Michaela Stock
Recent show: Good Connections, Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna, 2015/16
Current works and projects online

Lukas Troberg hat alles richtig gemacht (Lukas Troberg did everything right), the artist self-ironically titled his presentation as Sotheby’s Artist Quarterly in the fall of 2015. But after a busy year – three solo shows in Vienna and finishing his Master’s at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, among other things – Troberg was preparing himself for a big change.

For an exhibition at Michaela Stock’s Viennese Gallery, he decided to use, or “burn up”, as he calls it, his art world contacts. The show, titled “Good Connections”, consisted of business cards Troberg had collected over the years, priced according to their subjective importance (curator Hans Ulrich Obrist’s one being the most expensive). This exhibition also marked a split from his long-time gallerist.

Early in 2016, Lukas Troberg moved to Berlin. Having spent all his savings for his fine arts master’s project – a large-scale golden sculpture befittingly titled “YOLO” – returned to his street-art roots, focusing on intentionally smaller projects. “It’s not easy gaining a foothold here,” the artist admits, but he also doesn’t regret the sharp cut: “Once you’re at the bottom of the pool, you can push off again.”

A current artistic interest of Troberg’s is working with objects taken from public spaces –screws, barriers, poles. While not likely to get the artist into actual legal trouble, he is intrigued by the element of secret rebellion: “The collector has to participate in the illegality, which seems interesting to me.”

Julia Haller | Galerie Meyer Kainer
Current show: Heimo Zobernig & Julia Haller, Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, 22.06.-30.07.2016
Current show (group): Seeing Is Believing, Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim bei Wels (AT), 21.05.-18.09.2016

German Artist Julia Haller is quite reluctant about publicity when it comes to portraits or interviews, but that certainly can’t stop others from raving about her work. “An artistic position that confides in drawing and painting is among the rare, maybe most innovative choices of today’s art production. Julia Haller (…) articulates a radically new visual rhetoric beyond narration and imagination,” so the reasoning of the jury of renowned Kardinal König Kunstpreis, which was awarded to Haller in 2015. A selection of her and other former awardees’ works is currently exhibited at Museum Angerlehner in Upper Austria

Haller’s paintings, alongside those of her former professor at Akademie der Bildenden Künste Vienna, Heimo Zobernig, are currently on display in Vilnius. Other recent shows including her artworks took place at Belvedere and Diana Lambert in Vienna, ibid Projects in London, and Christian Andersen in Copenhagen. A milestone for Haller, who has been living in Vienna since 2006, was her first institutional exhibition in Austria: “Smile from the Streets You Hold” was on display at Secession, Vienna, in winter 2015/2016.

Exhibition format ZONE1 gives galleries the chance to showcase young and emerging talent in solo booths at viennacontemporary and is realized with the kind support of the Arts Division of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

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