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ZONE1 2015 | Where are they now?

What have artists Aldo Giannotti, Ulla Rauter and Albert Mayr been up to since their ZONE1 presentations at viennacontemporary?

Aldo Giannotti | Viktor Bucher
Current exhibition: Spacial Dispositions, Albertina, Vienna, 06.06. – 11.09.2016
Current project: The Museum as a Gym, Kunsthaus Graz, 12.06. – 21.08.2016

Happy with the feedback he got from viennacontemporary’s audience, Aldo Giannotti said he gained confidence in his plans of “engaging the audience in a totally different way” and decided to push his art “more to the limit”, while pushing the limitations of institutions, their architecture and their implied rules as well. For Kunsthaus Graz, he designed the interventionist project The Museum as a Gym. Visitors are invited to show up in sportswear and use clothes hangers for pull-ups, the escalator as a treadmill and the museum staff as sparring partners – ideas that have been particularly popular with local school kids.  Giannotti participated in a televised competition amongst six Mediterranean-region artists for the Pomilio Blumm Prize, shown on Italian channel Sky Arte, and ended up winning with media- and self-conscious work The Medium is the Message.

The Italian-born artist is very present in his chosen home, Vienna, as well, designing a postcard for das weisse haus and co-teaching workshops at dance festival Impulstanz with Superama’s Philippe Riéra as part of their dance X visual art focus. That Giannotti is extremely busy could also be seen at the recent exhibition Application at projektraum viktor bucher. The show provided an insight into the artist’s ideas and applications for projects with different institutions. For those who missed it, there won’t be much time for regret, since a lot of the proposals got accepted: Solo exhibition / intervention Spacial Disposition is on at the moment at Albertina, Vienna, and a production with public art index KÖR will be showing up on a Viennese building soon. Also watch out for collective shows at Museum Sztuki, Lodz (PL), and MUSA, Vienna, both in October.

Ulla Rauter | Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art
Recent group show: DIGITAL SYNESTESIA, 10.03.-08.04.2016, Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna / 18.-22.05.2016, City University Hong Kong
Upcoming performance: Poesie der Tecknik, Vorbrenner / Freies Theater Innsbruck (AT), 10.09.2016

Ulla Rauter’s preparations for her ZONE1 presentation coincided with her having a newly-born son, 3 months old at the time of the fair. “Of course it was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it,” remembers Rauter, “and it will make it easier to come back after maternity leave.”  Although she says her life has been all about the baby since then, the artist found some time for new projects as well. “Like anyone who has a kid, I learned to be more focused in the time I do have, but I also have time to contemplate now. And I do everything at night.”

Rauter has participated in the art-based research project Digital Synesthesia in the last few years, which concluded with exhibitions in Vienna and Hong Kong in 2016. She also did an installation and a performance for the group show Antinomies of Now at Museum Bruneck (IT). Rauter continues teaching Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. For festival Wir sind Wien, the artist opened her Vienna studio to visitors to show off new works. Upcoming projects include a sound art festival in Braunschweig (GE) in 2017, and a workshop and performance with experimental band / art collective Laster Kanaster in Innsbruck (AT) in September.

Ulla Rauter says the subject of silence still remains relevant to her, as shown in her recent piece Verflüsterungsmaschine (whispering machine). A new topic of interest for the artist is language. Performance Sound Calligraphy is structured around drawing frequencies and spectrograms of human voices. “At what point does the brain recognize language, recognize words? With my son learning to speak at the moment, this has become a very exiting theme for me.”

Albert Mayr | MARTINETZ
Recent residency with LODGERS #6: Ultra Eczema, MUHKA, Antwerp, Belgium, June 2016
Upcoming performance and group show at UNSAFE + SOUNDS Festival, WUK, Vienna, 19.09. – 29.09.2016 

When asked how he spent his year, Albert Mayrs says he did “nothing, apart from sleeping a lot and preparing for worldwide fame” in his Vienna studio. Upon further inquiry though, it seems that the months since viennacontemporary 2015 might not have been all that quiet for him. Mayr – or his alter ego Johnny Hawaii – has been doing performances, e.g. at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Büro Weltausstellung. His works have been shown in Group shows in Vienna (MAD in Austria, Konzett) and Cologne (The Snoring Princess with Kunstgruppe Köln, Salon Schmitz). In March, he showed installations Bassdrummparty and Trommelregen at his solo exhibition in Galerie Kunstbüro, Vienna. Belgian Label Ultra Eczema invited him to rework one of his pieces for their residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp. At the moment, Mayr is busy working on two records and an “undiscloded sound and image installation” to be revealed in October.

Exhibition format ZONE1 gives galleries the chance to showcase young and emerging talent in solo booths at viennacontemporary and is realized with the kind support of the Arts Division of the Austrian Federal Chancellery.

Cover Image: Aldo Giannotti, The Museum as a Gym / Sport Suit, courtesy of the artist and projektraum viktor bucher.

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