viennacontemporary 2016 | Galleries from Eastern Europe

viennacontemporary is the largest art fair in the region, offering the highest concentration of Eastern European galleries worldwide. Exhibitors from the Baltics to the Balkan will showcase their local talents as well as internationally renowned artist.

Bucharest gallery EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS will show Romanian artist Mircea Stanescu (1954). Stanescu’s primary ways of expression are photography, drawing and installation. The shapes and motives have strong personal connotations for the artist. In the past years, his work moved inside the studio, and his preoccupations leaned towards autobiographical representation.

Galerie Iragui’s presentation is about Moscow Conceptualism, and three generations of artists who represent it: Victor Pivovarov (1937), Nikita Alexeev (1953), Pavel Pepperstein (1966) and Arkady Nasonov (1969). Moscow Conceptualism emerged as a genre in 1970 in the Soviet Union and served as an opposition to the official Soviet ideology. It’s artists share a love for paper – Pivovarov even called it “paper conceptualism” – and an appreciation for the written word complimenting the images, as many artists of the movement were related to the work with book graphics. The works’ emblematic meaning for the connection of visual art and literature will be shown in Iragui’s presentation.

Ani Molnár Gallery’s group show of Emese Benczúr (HUN, 1969), Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair (EST, 1980) and Ottó Vincze (HUN, 1964) focuses on patterns and social phenomena concerning norms and standardization. They work with a wide range of different techniques, which results in an exhibition of diverse voices and enables the show to provide an analytical examination of what ‘pattern’ means in its wide sense and what its role may be in the 21th century. Aiming to be visually pleasing, subtle and at the same time socially conscious, the works of the three artists offer an ironically entertaining, humorous as well as seriously critical viewing experience.

KRANJCAR, Zagreb, http://www.kranjcar.hr

Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project, Tbilisi, http://www.facebook.com/Popiashvili-Gvaberidze-Window-Project

acb Gallery, Budapest, http://www.acbgaleria.hu
Chimera-Project Gallery, Budapest, http://www.chimera-project.com
INDA Gallery, Budapest, http://www.indagaleria.hu
Ani Molnár Gallery, Budapest, http://www.molnaranigaleria.hu
Trapéz Gallery, Budapest, http://www.trpz.hu

Galerija Vartai, Vilnius, http://www.galerijavartai.lt

Czułość, Warsaw, http://www.czulosc.com
Propaganda, Warsaw, http://www.galeriapropaganda.com
Pola Magnetyczne, Warsaw, http://www.polamagnetyczne.com
Raster, Warsaw, http://www.raster.art.pl

418 Contemporary Art Gallery, Bucharest, http://www.418gallery.com
EASTWARDS PROSPECTUS, Bucharest, http://www.eastwardsprospectus.com
Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, http://www.ivangallery.com
Jecza Gallery, Timisoara, http://www.jeczagallery.com

Gallery 21, Moscow, http://www.gallery-21.ru
Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg, http://www.gisich.com
Galerie Iragui, Moscow, http://www.iragui.com
Regina Gallery, Moscow, http://www.reginagallery.com
Triangle, Moscow, http://www.gallerytriangle.com

GANDY GALLERY, Bratislava, http://www.gandy-gallery.com

P74 Gallery, Ljubljana, http://www.zavod-parasite.si
PHOTON GALLERY, Ljubljana, http://www.photon.si
Galerija Škuc, Ljubljana, http://www.galerija.skuc-drustvo.si

For a full list of exhibitors and a preview to their presentations, please check out our online catalogue!

22–25 September 2016
Marx Halle Vienna


Early Bird day ticket (presale online): 5,00 euro – limited availability!

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