viennacontemporary 2016 | Galleries from the Western Hemisphere

Exhibitors from across Europe and the US mix and mingle with the Austrian and CEE art scenes at viennacontemporary. Check out the galleries from Paris, London, New York, Antwerp,  Amsterdam, Porto, Barcelona, Zurich, Geneva, Trento and Mallorca!  

London gallery FOLD will show Simon Callery, Ellen Hyllemose, Finbar Ward and Michaela Zimmer. Each artist in this show approaches the material and physical matter of their work using a combination of sophisticated visual playfulness, and a range of carefully considered responses to modernism and abstraction. The audience is invited to move physically to interact with the works, and become aware of the material nature of the object, how it was made and also the space it inhabits. In this sense the artists in this show are presenting corporeal meanings that relate to other, more visceral aspects of the body and the visual language of abstraction.

Zurich-based gallery annex14 will showcase Vlatka Horvath (*1974 in Croatia, lives and works in London and NYC), Michal Bundy (*1976) from Poland, and German Artist Sebastian Stumpf (*1980). While they work with different materials and styles – Butny builts minimalist sculptures out of self-described “homely” materials such as cardboard and tape; Stumpf with video-recordings of himself in mostly urban settings and empty art institutions; Horvath through everything from collage to performance art – they all share a subversive approach to daily routines and pre-existing orders.

BACKSLASH presents a booth with American artist Michael Zelehoski. The artist works on the objects he finds in the streets or abandoned houses. He dismantles the different stratums of ladders, warning signs or parquet floors, for examples, and then brings them back to life, taking on a new and ingenious perspective while retaining the works’ planar forms and causing viewers to question what they are seeing. This solo presentation of Zelehoski’s work will be the first ever in Austria.

Galerie Christophe Gaillard will present French-German artist Isabelle Le Minh, who studied photography as well as engineering. A few years ago, she drifted away from photography to reflect upon the image in a broader way and to extend her area of creation to contemporary art. She now conceives resolutely conceptual works, which take all manner of forms (installations, photos, videos, books). Winner of the french Young Design Award Prize in 2000 and the Trafik Prize in 2003, she has been nominated to the Niepce Prize in 2014.

Geukens & De Vil, Antwerpen/Knokke, http://www.geukensdevil.com

BACKSLASH, Paris, http://www.backslashgallery.com
Galerie Christophe Gaillard, Paris, http://www.galeriegaillard.com
La Galerie Particulière, Paris, http://www.lagalerieparticuliere.com
Galerie Paris-Beijing, Paris, http://www.galerieparisbeijing.com
Galerie Caroline Smulders, Paris, http://www.carolinesmulders.com

Boccanera, Trento, http://www.arteboccanera.com

Gerhard Hofland, Amsterdam, http://www.gerhardhofland.com

KUBIKGALLERY, Porto, http://www.kubikgallery.com

Galeria Senda, Barcelona, http://www.galeriasenda.com
LUNDGREN GALLERY, Mallorca, http://www.mallorcalandings.com

annex14, Zurich, http://www.annex14.com
Galerie Clemens Gunzer, Zurich, http://www.clemensgunzer.com
Rotwand, Zurich, http://www.rotwandgallery.com
SKOPIA / P.-H. Jaccaud, Geneva, http://www.skopia.ch

FOLD, London, http://www.foldgallery.com
HIDDE VAN SEGGELEN, London, http://www.hiddevanseggelen.com

POSTMASTERS GALLERY, New York, http://www.postmastersart.com

For a full list of exhibitors and a preview to their presentations, please check out our online catalogue!

22–25 September 2016
Marx Halle Vienna


Early Bird day ticket (presale online): 5,00 euro – limited availability!


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